2014 Fall Equinox Teleconference ~ MANIFESTING A (PEACEFUL) NEW WORLD

This very pivotal moment in human evolution continues.

We have spent nearly three decades, since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, reclaiming and realigning our Selves with the long lost Divine Feminine portion of our existence. It has taken a while, and much discomfort, to embrace the feminine once again. And now this mission has been accomplished.

The Feminine is represented by the earth and water elements in our Creation. These are two distinct elements but they go together and they cannot be experienced as separate from each other. Water makes up 70% or more of our planet (earth), and water makes up 70% or more of our physical body. The water (emotional self) is much larger than the physical, as the oceans are much more vast than the land mass on the planet. Yet the water fits within the earth, and this realization is the beginning of multidimensional perception.


We have spent the last few years awakening to the truth of the emotional body. We have learned to detach from many of the habitual fear based responses that have kept our feelings ‘stuck’ and kept us ‘stuck’ along with them. Allowing our feelings free reign has brought us to the Truth of who and what we are. For the first time in human history we have been informed of our true home, and there is no coincidence there.


The first three seasons of 2014 have produced a newly balanced Mind and Heart/Body. And this new balance is prerequisite as we enter the new consciousness. Merging with the Higher Self is what 2014 has been all about. It’s the year of the Merge. And now we are ready to manifest the world out of Love.


The Fall 2014 Season is packed with very important events, including a new wormhole that begins at the Super Galactic Center and ends at 0 Scorpio. This points to manifestation of the highest order.


Please join me on Sunday September 28 at 7pm EASTERN time, 4pm Pacific and 12 midnight Greenwich time (9/29) for my annual 90 minute Fall Equinox Teleconference.


The Fall season is all about the focus required to “descend” or bring the ascended consciousness through to the planet through our very presence. Meditation and getting still are essential to this process. This teleconference will include an opening guided meditation to center our Selves in our hearts. I will discuss all the spiritually pivotal points and of course all the relevant astrology for the next few months.



Exchange: $25

You don’t need to be on the live call to receive the MP3, which will be sent to everyone who is registered immediately. But please do join me if you can, as the call will feature a Question and Answer period at the end.


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See you there!