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Merrily has been studying Astrology for over 30 years and has found it to be an invaluable tool for both herself and those she works with. Through sharing her understanding of Astrology and the human journey, her coaching combines ancient wisdom, modern understanding and cosmic perceptive to facilitate conscious growth.

With a background in music and the healing arts, she has developed the ability to connect deeply with people where they are and intuitively guide them gently and safely. She has a natural gift for empowering her clients to discover new levels of growth and understanding in their lives and relationships.

Merrily is available for readings in person in Austin Texas or by phone for $125. All readings are recorded in MP3 format and are emailed to you within 24 hours. During your thorough 90 minute reading, Merrily will discuss your Birth Chart, Solar Return, Progressions and Transits. Having the recording available for later review, deepens your experience of the reading and if you have any questions, Merrily offers a 10 minute follow up call at no additional charge.

A testimony ...

On Sunday January 20th 2013 I had the privilege of sitting down with Merrily Garrett to discuss my chart. We covered a tremendous amount of information in an hour and a half session. What I walked away with was a much better understanding of what is happening in my life, how I’m reacting to those things that are slowing me down, ultimately recognizing it’s okay to be me.

Her explanation of my chart was phenomenally accurate as she delved into my traits and propensities that have created what is the current status of my existence. Thanks to Merrily I now have a living tool to help propel me into the next phase of my life utilizing dates of importance and to recognize signs on the road that may have kept me from total conviction into the state of mind that is conducive to expansive living, law of attraction.

I highly recommend Merrily to “anyone” who is interested in increasing life, an abundant life, stepping out of comfort zone and stepping into what you are truly meant to be/become. This applies to relationships, finances, health, career, Etc.

Best regards,
Darren Huchison
National Services Manager Dell Inc.