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Tom Jacobs is a counseling astrologer, intuitive, teacher and writer in Los Angeles, CA using the language of evolutionary astrology to assist clients in understanding the journeys of their souls, opening doorways to greater acceptance and love of self and others. His research interests include the asteroids Lucifer and Arjunsuri (an archetype he’s introducing to astrology), the True Black Moon Lilith, and teaching astrology as a language of life anyone can use for increased self-understanding and -empowerment.

Tom is a member of Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program, which he entered in 2004.

Tom can be reached via http://www.tdjacobs.com, where you can find articles and information on evolutionary astrology. He also writes a blog that can be found at http://tdjacobs.spiritcrossing.com.

He offers individual consultations for $120, and also offers relationship (synastry/composite) consultations, readings for newborns, follow-up counseling, personalized satirical reports (for entertainment purposes only) and tutoring in LA or over the phone.