The Moon’s Nodes

Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Corner 20 Comments

Cosmic Consciousness: The Moons Nodes in your Birth Chart are the Blueprint of your Souls Evolution and the Gateway to Transcending Time and Separation Consciousness.

Written by Stephanie Azaria with Christine Clemmer
From the very start, astrologers have recognized the powerful significance of the Moon’s Nodes and their relevance to the soul’s purpose through an incarnation. The Moon’s South Node represents karma, or the sum total of circumstances that ties you to the Earth. The Karmic Node in the birth chart holds specific lessons and experiences that each individual is required to break through and resolve during the course of a lifetime. The North Node, or dharma, is always in an exact polarity to the South Node, and it has long been perceived as the doorway to evolution, allowing for access to higher wisdom to complete an incarnation. From the 3D perspective (the perspective of separation consciousness and linear time), the connection between the Moon’s nodes has been perceived as a polarity, meaning that because these points are in direct opposition to each other, the individual’s journey has been to move away from karmic experience and towards the ultimate destination of one’s dharma.
But by accessing the observer’s (5D) perspective of the Nodes (the perspective of unity consciousness and the realization that everything is energy) it becomes clear that the duality we have long experienced is actually a bridge that connects the two points eternally. The energies between these two points are actually continuously spiraling freely in both directions. When there is any kind of energy block present in this bridge the spiral is met with resistance and disrupted. The debris must then be cleared in order to experience the full range of consciousness that is bestowed by the kundalini forces that move through us at all times. When we recognize this new relationship between karma and dharma limitless revelations abound, and the implications are stunning.
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