How do you bring your full sparkly self to your relationships? How are you creating the relationships you want?


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April Numerology

This is the month to draw upon the cosmic forces for inspiration!

This month’s universal 11 vibration gives us an opportunity to tap deeply into our intuition and bring forward new ideas, creativity, and innovation. This master number is another example of dynamic energy coming from stillness which is our theme for this year. Intuition is our guide and leadership through service is our goal.

Along with intuition, art links us to the high spiritual vibration of the number 11.

How can you bring more art into your life? How can you express more of your inspired creative energy in your daily activities?

As you move through this month, take time to stop and feel into the dynamic energy of stillness. From this place you can access far more connection to what you need than in the busyness of our every day lives. Many years ago I was shown that the word ‘silent’ and the word ‘listen’ have all the same letters. That is a strong message and one that is important to remember throughout this year.

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2014: The Year of Practical Magic

Do you remember the magic of childhood walks through ‘the woods’ or the ‘faerie gardens’ of your own backyard? Can you imagine sending wishes up to the stars at night and feeling much joy at the connection with Universe of bright lights? How is it that refined intentions and desires are met with ease and grace in the highest and best way by a Universal Source of Love?

2014 is the year to deepen our understanding of the Great Mystery. The Universal Year Number is 7, well known for its spiritual significance throughout history and many spiritual practices.

The vibration of “7” emphasizes the integration of the mystical and material worlds. So, 2014 is THE YEAR to infuse business, health, love, and more with inspiring spiritual guidance coming from within our own hearts and souls. It is vital to allow time for pauses, retreats, and reflection as part of the bigger process of creating better relationships, optimum wellness, deeper fulfillment, and generous abundance.

Here are just a few questions to consider (there’s more!):

• Which changes will assist our growth and evolution and which ones will be nurturing, comforting and supporting to us at this time?
• How do we see tangible results?
• How will we use our creativity?
• How will we approach healthy risks?
• What has heart and meaning?
• Where is my spiritual center?
• How do I trust my inner knowing?
• What do I need for support for a deeper understanding of myself and others?

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eclipse wormhole
Friday April 11, 2014  at 7pm – 8:30pm EDT

Please join me for a very special event which I offer in honor of the great transformation that is offered by the eclipse passage that began on the Aries New Moon on March 31 and continues until the Scorpio Full Moon on May 15th. There are two eclipses just up ahead and the more we understand about them the more use we can make of them.

This 90 minute teleconference will feature all the information you need to be prepared for this wild ride, and a live Q&A so that all your questions are addressed.

Exchange: $25

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When you have truly met yourself, when you know who you are, then you have found your center. That is the fulcrum point upon which your inner state is balanced, or unbalanced. When you are centered within yourself (self-centered – ha ha!), you have at your fingertips the power to create anything from all that is.

From this space of knowing you, you have the opportunity to generate truthful, loving, abundant scenarios in your life that will bring you experiences of joy and happiness.

It’s not that you can stop the world from happening around you, or that you can prevent sadness, world hunger, others’ suffering, etc. However, when you reach your true self’s center, you begin to heal the way you look at those things. You begin to respond to your own experiences of sadness, and others’ suffering as the natural ebb and flow of nature. You begin to respond differently to them and to you. You give yourself space to allow the sadness to be there, and as you do, you watch it move. You release the resistance you have to it being there. You release the questions to its existence. You actually begin releasing the past, as you realize NOW is all that can ever be in THIS moment anyway, so why try to be elsewhere.

Through this practice, you purify the process of being a spiritual being inside a human body again. You come back to remembering who you are. The amnesia of the connectedness to every one and every thing begins to fall away… and you are left with YOU – the almighty self – connected to all that is and ever was – that which gives you access to the secrets of the Universe once more.

And you realize, from this power point within you, you can present your creations in the world as your service.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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The French Aristocracy never saw it coming either.


New Moon March 30, 2014.
2:45pm EDT; 11:45a PDT; 7:45pm GT

Well now, and how has March of 2014 treated you? They don’t call it March Madness for nothing huh? Me not being a team sports fan. I guess if I’m writing this and you’re reading this, then we made it this far anyway.

So there’s the experience of the world and the experience of the self – however entwined. Like there’s this part of you that can drive down the road hearing on the radio about the crazy shit happening everywhere, watching the crazy shit people all around you are doing; that can encounter people – co-workers, friends, people in stores – and this part of you is just sort of noting it all. It’s sort of like the way dogs are constantly sniffing everything when they walk down a trail – there’s a lot that just passes through the filters. I mean, it’s too much, for the most part, to let it get to you.
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