Scorpio in 5D

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 October 23 to Nov. 21

Symbol: The Alchemist


Affirmation: I AM Pure of Heart

Quality: Highest Vision

Etheric Body: Physical Love

Main Archetype: Pluto

Heart Flame: Pink (Love)

Chakra: Third Eye

Element: Water (Crater Lake)


10 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you learn to lift your focus to its highest perspective and manifest your world from there. 


Scorpio is a water sign, which means that you go through life feeling your way. You sense whatever you need to know, about people, places, spaces, and the like, and you have the gift of being able to size things up in a split second. With your intuitive/supersensory talents, you can walk into a room filled with people, know instinctively whether you want to stay or not, and if you do, you are drawn as if by invisible energy lines to the person or persons who are most resonant with you. You’re uncanny that way.  

The 3D version of a Scorpio is known as one of three things (sometimes ALL of them, moving in and out of them like a shapeshifter). You can be a Scorpion, wielding a kind of power that can hurt others,  usually motivated by a subconscious need for control, or fear-based power. When you are not yet awake you will sting, if someone says or does something that causes you to recoil. With a little bit of conscious awareness, you can be an Eagle. You do have the great capacity to lift your vision high, soaring above the crowds, watching with that trained eye everything that’s going on in the world. You can zoom in with your focus, find your target, and swoop down to make contact. Whether your motives are kind or not is a matter of how much you Love your Self.  And finally, the most awake of the 3D Scorpio can be a Phoenix. Phoenix Scorpios experience many little deaths during the course of your lifetime. During these transformations, you move from one state to another, burning up the old form as you transition into something new. You’re a spectacle to behold, and your capacities are magical. For you, resurrection becomes a way of life, and your disposing planet, Pluto, begins to make itself known in ways you hadn’t considered before.  Pluto is the Gatekeeper to the new consciousness and the invisible realm that we all originate from. It seems important to note that Scorpio is the only sign that expresses its lower Self in three different ways, and that the number ‘three’ is the energy of manifestation.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio is the sign of Highest Vision, representing your capacity to manifest into the physical realm exactly what you are able to perceive. Physical Love speaks to our Love of the planet, and to everything you manifest into the physical world out of Love. There is also a certain degree of alchemy, that is, turning what is not love into Love. Scorpio is  where you learn to Love and respect your physicality, so that you can focus on the highest part of your Self and manifest the physical world from that perspective. It is the sign where the dark and light mingle. What is the difference between dark and light? There isn't any, unless you want to use value judgments. They are two sides of the same coin, which, in essence means that you can't have one without the other. They each derive their meaning from the other, and they are equally important to this world of duality, which can only exist in the physical realm.  

Right now you are experiencing the polarization of the duality you perpetuated. The way the world is now is the direct result of the way you thought about your Self for all of time. But it's not about blame or shame. Today you have awakened to the tools you need to recreate the world, or more appropriately to create a new world. 

Scorpio is called the sign of Physical Love because it is Love that manifests everything. This can be misinterpreted in the obvious way, and sometimes is, but it actually refers to your capacity to turn anything physical (beginning with your Self) into a better version of itself, through the act of Self-Love. Scorpio is the place within your consciousness where all transmutation takes place. There is alchemy here, and plenty of it. Things start out one way and BECOME something entirely different in this part of the energy field. The more heart-centered you can be, the greater the transformation, and the more Light-infused the manifestation is. Before you had access to the higher realms, you ALWAYS used this part of your energy field to manifest the "world." You just didn't realize what you were doing. You were filled with fear based thoughts, or at the very least, not-so-kind thoughts, lacking self-worthiness and such, and thus you created the world you’ve been living in for thousands of years. 

Scorpio has always been a sign of ‘vision,’ whether sensory or intuitive, and with an awakened consciousness the symbolism shifts from the Scorpion or the Eagle (or even the Phoenix) to the Alchemist. Here you come to  understand that you co-create with Source everything that you experience. Once it is understood that you are One with Source, you move from co-creator to Creator of your world. Until that awakening comes, however, it is imperative to turn yourself over to Source at all times, sacrificing your lower beliefs and desires, refining your capacity to focus on the higher Self with undiluted attention. You know how to shift your focus into your heart and consciously open it up, restoring you to the choice that yields the high road. The only way to ever change, or correct, or make right something that is made of fear is to put Love there instead. And to do it with great consciousness.

Your 5D consciousness is activated when you find those transformational powers within your Self. In the new system, Scorpio is known as the Alchemist. Those qualities you’ve expressed all your life (hopefully all three of them) eventually become your capacity to manifest something new and transformed out of lower energies. Alchemy is the capacity to turn lead into gold. You are, at the core of your being, a Creator of the highest order. 

The Scorpio quality of consciousness is very deep and alchemical. There are a lot of hidden nooks and crannies underneath the smooth exterior, and it can be cold and dark down in the deep of the emotional Self. The crater lake is one perfect example of the Scorpio hierarchy. (The signs are known as hierarchies in Cosmic Consciousness). Another great expression of Scorpio is the bubbling cauldron. Whichever one speaks to you most loudly, there is a trip to the depths of your core involved, and the journey can be somewhat uncomfortable, though certainly rewarding ultimately. 

Scorpio is the 10 o’clock hour on the cosmic clock, which corresponds to the 11th house of the birth chart. The 11th house can be thought of as the support structure in your life, and it is the place where we find our connection with humanity. Humanity is, taken collectively, the one creation of Source, and so it is here that we realize the Highest Manifestation, the capacity to create in the image of the Creator.  Manifestation is truly an alchemical process, whereby the lower attributes of your consciousness, those associated with the desires of the fear based self, are relinquished in a truly devoted surrender to the higher Self, where the highest good can be realized.
The one thing you need to learn is that it’s okay to be as powerful as you are. When you walk into a room the frequency of the entire space changes. You know this, consciously or not so consciously. When you do get a grip on the kind of transformational power you wield, lifting your focus to the highest observer’s perch you can access delivers you to the Truth of who you are. Aim high, ALTAR your thoughts, that is lift them higher, to find your empowered Self and make it all it can be. You are the Creator, creating out of your highest consciousness. Once you find the courage to come from the highest perch, there’s nothing you can’t manifest. 

Wherever Scorpio is in your chart you have the capacity to focus with great discipline to purify your desires and intentions,  lift your vision and ultimately become One with Source. It is from here that you can create for the highest good of all. Where Scorpio hosts your energy field, you’ll need your greatest strength and fortitude to bring about the focus necessary for alchemical purification to take place. If your Sun sign is Scorpio you have chosen this lifetime to undertake this alchemy of the soul, experiencing little deaths in order to cleanse your consciousness and fill yourself with Light. True transformation belongs to every Scorpio soul.



Libra in 5D

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Sept. 23 to October 23

Symbol: The Mirrored Self

Mantra: I AM That

Affirmation: I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME

Quality: Highest Realization

Etheric Body: Physical Power

Main Archetype: Sedna 

Heart Flame: Blue (Power)

Chakra: Heart

Element: Air (Wind)


9 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you experience the true relationship you have with your Self through the mirrored reflection of your relationships. 


Once known as ‘The Scale,’ Libra has long been represented by the only inanimate symbol of the zodiac. Libra has been called ‘the relationship sign’, with an other-oriented consciousness that places more significance on the ‘other’ than on the Self. When we don’t see our Selves clearly, the capacity for Self-realization becomes harder to achieve.  As a scale, Libra is relegated to object status. A scale sits around waiting for another to come and weigh their stuff on it. That’s what scales are for, aren’t they? Once the balancing process is done, the ‘other’ typically takes their stuff and goes, newly balanced. But Libra becomes attached, and with the ‘other’ gone, you feel unbalanced and tend to wait for another ‘other’ to come along to balance you out again. One of the greatest awakenings a Libra can have is that the calibration button on every scale is within.

Venus has long been considered Libra’s dispositing planet. But Venus is a very personal archetype, and Libra is not at all personal. Libra has been objectified for centuries, as the ‘other half,’ the lover, the quintessential partner. But the Truth is, Libra has been gifted with the most objective consciousness of the zodiac, by far. Libra is not an object, it is objective, and it could be said that the observer's perch is first accessed here. Libra is constantly observing any situation, and eventually learns to See  with ultimate detachment and lack of judgment, because it comes to realize that it's all a projection.  

Objectivity is a form of conscious awareness that we are all capable of.  Libra, however, is born with it, and in fact has to learn to bring some of its focus back to the Self. It is with this very broad level of consciousness that Libra can now perceive the connection between it and its new 5D planetary archetype, Sedna. Currently the outermost planet of our solar system, Sedna represents the higher capacity to remember and restore the Divine Feminine Creatrix to our consciousness. This embrace of the feminine Self brings about a true reunion of the Self, and separation is no longer the human experience. This process of the masculine/feminine reunion is just getting underway. It is the 5D meaning of relationship.

In the Cosmic Consciousness system Libra is the sign of Highest Realization. It is the first of the three signs that embraces the physical body, activating the blue power flame of the tri-fold heart chakra.  If it were not for the physical body there would be no such thing as separation and duality. Separation engenders the idea that there is a world ‘out there.’ The Highest Realization a soul can achieve is the awareness that there is nothing ‘out there,’ it is all your own reflection. The whole world, including the universe, is your own individual projection, the reflection of your own consciousness. Every relationship you ever form is your higher Self’s decision to know itself better. In Libra we move from the Scale, which measures the self with everything else, to the Mirror, which provides us with no choice but to realize the Self in everything.
As the sign of the “Mirrored Self,” Libra brings a sense of value and purpose to your presence. You are no longer an object there for other people’s use, but a valuable being who is capable of reflecting back the Truth to anyone who looks. Libra is the sign of Physical Power, which means that the consciousness of Libra is capable of realizing that physicality is what separates us from each other. That is the power of the physical. And with a little focused Self-realization combined with your objective awareness, you easily remember that we are all one, and no one is separate from anyone else.  With this consciousness the attachments of the ego begin to fall away, and your capacity for objective awareness becomes a very precious commodity to the awakening world.

Libra is the 9 o’clock hour on the cosmic clock, which corresponds to the 12th house of the birth chart. Since the 12th house speaks to the ways in which you sabotage yourself, and also contains your entire past within it, it is easy to see the affinity here.  This is the experience of Physical Power on the cosmic clock, where if you are not yet conscious, you experience the influence others have over you until you realize you are giving them that power. And if you are more Self-aware, you understand the gift of the physical world to offer you the experience of duality. Duality is required to experience Love. This is why you are here in physical form.

The one thing you need to learn is that you do exist and you matter as much as anyone else. When you begin to recognize your Self as the Creator of all you perceive, the “need” for the ‘other’ is replaced with a sense of fullness and completion that shines brightly for all. After all, there’s nothing like a well-lit mirror, wouldn’t you agree?

Wherever Libra is in your birth chart you have the opportunity to connect with and understand your own reflection through the relationships you attract. Here you can rediscover your Self through the mirrored reflection that allows you to look more closely at the parts of your Self you still refuse to acknowledge. The more fully you take responsibility for your own experience, the more comfortable you will be in your own skin. If your Sun sign is Libra, you are here to master the concept of the mirrored Self, allowing your authentic Self to shine through and transmute duality, and the effects of valuing others more than your Self. Every Libra is here to learn that there is nothing ‘out there’ at all.


Virgo in 5D

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August 23 to Sept. 22

Symbol: The Virgin Mother

Mantra: I AM WHOLE

Affirmation: I Honor My Self

Quality: Inner Alignment

Etheric Body: Emotional Wisdom

Main Archetype: Chiron

Heart Flame: Yellow (Wisdom)

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Element: Earth (Sand)


8 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you work to unify your Self and bring about conscious well-being and wholeness. 


Virgo has always been one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. It is most often attributed to the adept capacity for analysis and detail, but that is a belief that likely stems from the attempt to fit the sign’s consciousness into Mercury’s domain. Mercury was assigned ‘rulership’ over Virgo back in the beginning, when there were only 7 planets to cover 12 signs. Virgo is an earth sign, and Mercury presides over the mind. Those two qualities don’t have much in common, not much more than ‘analysis and detail.’ When Chiron was “discovered” in 1977, it quickly emerged as the real dispositor of Virgo.

Virgo has been known as ‘The Virgin’, evoking the idea of innocence and naivete. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Virgo has one of the most holistic perspectives of all the signs. It comes equipped with a ‘zoom lens’… that is, it has the capacity to focus on the big picture of any organized field and perceive the one misaligned part instantly. Virgo also knows how to get that misalignment straightened out in short order, so that the whole field, (a group, an organization, a bunch of cells, anything) is fully functional. There isn’t a Virgo alive that hasn’t spent lifetimes as a healer, and every Virgo is born with a medicine bag filled with tools that it knows very well how to use.


The symbol for Virgo is the sand dune, which is both granular and solid in structure. The sand dune can shape-shift rapidly whenever a change comes, whether in the form of wind, water, or even an earthquake or volcano. Using the Virgo lens, you have the opportunity to see yourself as a fully whole being at all times, because you can adapt so readily no matter what you are experiencing in any moment. From this perspective, then, every experience is for your benefit, no matter what it feels like at the time. 


In 5D, Virgo is known as ‘The Divine Mother’, the Divine Feminine Creator of all. As such, Virgo is a progenitor sign, it represents Mother Mary. The purpose of every Virgo is to purify the heart so fully that it can birth the Christed (Self-Realized) Self. Chiron, the Master Healer/Teacher, serves Virgo well in this purifying capacity. It is service to others that becomes the issue for Virgo. In 5D, The alignment of your own spirit, mind, heart and body is where your focus needs to be. When you make use of your healing wisdom to remember that you are whole, you become the natural “wholer” of all. A soul who is whole serves as the example for all to realize their own state of wholeness.


In Cosmic Consciousness Virgo is the sign of Inner Alignment. It is the last of the three signs that encompass the emotional body, representing the Wisdom flame of the tri-fold heart. Conscious well-being is achieved when spirit, mind, heart, and body are in balance. This is not possible without the practiced discipline of emotional wisdom, which is the heartfelt response that produces Right Action. This leads to the birthing of true integrity.  


Virgo is the 8 o’clock hour on the cosmic clock, which corresponds to the 1st house of the birth chart. The connection here is easy to understand. The 5D human is fundamentally involved with the Self as a four-body system. Carefully tending to your own wellness is a great service to humanity. Well-being generates full functionality, which in turn helps you to know your true capacity. In Virgo, you learn to look inside for excellence instead of ‘out there,’ ultimately giving rise to the true Master Healer/Teacher within. This eventually facilitates the awareness that every answer you need is contained within your own heart. This is the natural result of a well-balanced fully-aligned individual. The ‘Virgin’ gives way to the ‘Master Healer’, just as the Virgin Mother gave birth to the Christ.

The one thing you need to learn is that no one matters more than you do. The unawakened need to heal everyone around you reflects your higher need to remember that you your Self are whole. When you shift your focus from helping others to being there for your Self, you free your Self to lay claim to your great gifts of wisdom and mastery. It is the process of remembering you are whole that delivers you to the Truth of your most empowered Self. Once you learn to put your own needs ahead of everyone else in your life, you’ll access the treasure trove of emotional wisdom that you were born with. 


Wherever you find Virgo in your birth chart you are working to bring about reunification to facilitate the fullest expression of who you are and what you do.  Here you learn to value every part of yourself, particularly the parts you have trouble embracing. If Virgo is your Sun sign, you have chosen to devote your life to personal mastery by carefully tending to your own wellness. Any imbalance, spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical can be a vehicle for learning to heal your Self. This in turn becomes the Truth you can teach by example.


Leo in 5D

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July 23 to August 22

Symbol: The Life Force

Mantra: I AM Blessed

Affirmation: I AM Joyful

Quality: Inner Gratitude

Etheric Body: Emotional Love

Main Archetype: The Sun

Heart Flame: Pink (Love)

Chakra: Sacral (2nd chakra)

Element: Fire (The Sun)


7 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you shine your Light by choosing positivity, which allows you to give of your Self selflessly. 


Leo has always been the sign most closely associated with the Sun. To the 3D consciousness, being the Sun means looking to be central in any situation you’re in. To get the spotlight, you can be loud and dramatic, like your old symbol, “The Lion”. The Lion is known as the King of the Jungle, and Leo is often associated with royalty as well. The unawakened Leo needs reassurance on a regular basis, and insists on loyalty and respect. You’ll turn your back on anyone you feel has mistreated you, refusing to offer your powerful warmth to those who have hurt your feelings. But Leo is not about being recognized—it is about knowing you are recognizable. It is not about being seen; it is about knowing you are the Light.

An awakened Leo realizes that the Sun is always warm and shining and that it’s impossible to hide your Light. The Sun IS the center of our solar system, and even when the Earth is covered in clouds, the Sun is always bright and beautiful. The need for approval has nothing to do with the power of the Sun. In the 5D system, Leo is known as “The Life Force”. When you begin to realize what a precious commodity your Light is, you also comprehend how unnecessary it is to seek the approval of others.

You stop seeking the center when you realize you ARE the center, and eventually you realize that nothing can ever change that. When you have a conscious grip on who and what you are, the ego’s need for respect and admiration falls away. The Sun would never decide who to shine on. Judgment is not something the Sun indulges in. Leo is the sign of Emotional Love. In Leo you connect with your own personal emotional mechanism.  When you turn your focus inward and connect deeply with the power of your Light, you begin to recognize your true purpose, which is to Be the Light in the world. That’s it. All you ever have to do, wherever you are, is to let your positivity shine. That Light gives sustenance to everyone and everything it touches, and once that is fully comprehended, it generates a certain humility in you, and that humility replaces the need for admiration.  Leo learns to shine and give its heart in service.Read More