The French Aristocracy never saw it coming either.


New Moon March 30, 2014.
2:45pm EDT; 11:45a PDT; 7:45pm GT

Well now, and how has March of 2014 treated you? They don’t call it March Madness for nothing huh? Me not being a team sports fan. I guess if I’m writing this and you’re reading this, then we made it this far anyway.

So there’s the experience of the world and the experience of the self – however entwined. Like there’s this part of you that can drive down the road hearing on the radio about the crazy shit happening everywhere, watching the crazy shit people all around you are doing; that can encounter people – co-workers, friends, people in stores – and this part of you is just sort of noting it all. It’s sort of like the way dogs are constantly sniffing everything when they walk down a trail – there’s a lot that just passes through the filters. I mean, it’s too much, for the most part, to let it get to you.
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Virgo Full Moon
Sunday March 16, 2014
26 Virgo 02
1:09pm EDT, 10:09am PDT, 5:09pm GT

A famous geisha performing the tea ceremony.

In 1998, a pentagon-funded study identified climate change as the greatest threat to “national security.” I don’t know how many of you can remember that period in time but among many changes I note since then are how much bigger pickup trucks have gotten, how many white males have embraced the Ted Nugent philosophy of life, how the reverence for active-duty military has grown to resemble deification, and how passive what passes for “liberal” in this era has become.
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Astropocalypse part 2

New Moon March 1st, 2014.
3:00am EST 12:00 MN PST 8:00am GT

These articles have been more challenging to write lately. I keep starting out with these really big themes that defy any sort of “wrap-up” kind of statement. It’s been a lot of time spent trying to say what I really want to say and then a feeling of capitulation when I finally just go for something simpler.
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Valentine’s Day Full Moon
February 14th, 2014.
26 Leo 13
6:53pm EST, 3:53pm PST, 11:53pm GT

At 6:53 PM Eastern Time on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the Moon is Full in the 27th Degree of Leo. From John Sandbach’s Pleiaidan set of zodiac degree symbols, the image for the Moon’s position at the moment of fullness is “Waking at dawn, a woman realizes her fever has broken.”
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