Spring Equinox 2021

Bernice Kadatz Solstice & Equinox Report 1 Comment

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March 20, 2021

Sun 00 Aries 00

5:38 EDT

Bernice Kadatz


The Spring Equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator -- and the length of day and night are nearly equal. Astrologically it marks the time the Sun exits the Piscean limitless ocean and enters Aries. In Cosmic Consciousness this transition point is called the Portal of Truth, where the potential is the greatest for us to recognize we are much more than our physical bodies. For us to come to Self-realization, as well as begin to embody the powerful energy available, discipline in our thoughts while simultaneously applying the wisdom we just acquired from our journey through Pisces is required.  All of the elements in the chart are perfectly placed to support the next phase, which is exactly what happens when we enter into the spring season.


Our journey through the vast Piscean ocean has felt at times like riding a wave, when we had no idea where we were, giving us the feeling that we were lost in the vastness of the ocean. Now some solid ground is in sight and it feels like things are picking up speed, similar to when a wave rolls into shore. Depending on how we are riding the wave, we will either glide into shore nice and easy when we find ourselves in the positive love vibration, or, if we are unsure and perhaps leaning toward more fear-based energies, we might get caught in the undertow and hit the shore harder than we want to. Either way we will come to the shore.


The Sun is resonating with Venus (in Pisces) and Salacia and Chiron (in Aries), in a stepping-stone with Ixion and Astraea (Capricorn). Our focus needs to be consistently heart-centered as this is our divine blueprint, while at the same time not forgetting we already know why we are here at this very important time.


The Sun forms a resource with Chariklo (Aquarius) and also Mars (Gemini). Chariklo gives us a feeling of stability as we move into the transmutative fire energy of Aries. In order to connect to the stabilizing energy, we have to be mindful to love our Self as unconditionally as Source does, and realize that this is actually our true nature. Mercury forms a resource with Quaoar, assisting us in our understanding that new thoughts are a requisite to attain the higher realizations as we create our new world.


Creating a new world is a tall order and there is no one way to do it.  I see the stepping-stone dynamic aspect as options or different pathways to reach the end goal, just as when you are crossing a stream you find stones to step on as you select a path to reach the other side. Some stones will be flat and offer a great resting spot for you to contemplate your next move. Others are wobbly; staying too long may throw you off balance, and you may find yourself in some deeper waters before getting back on track. If you do fall into the deeper waters, recognize that you may have unnecessary baggage that needs to be discarded before resuming your journey. It’s important to get up and find another step to lift you up. Regardless of what happens, it is all good. The stepping-stone aspect that captured my attention was the one between the Sun and Ixion/ Astraea, reminding us that the divine feminine is part of our 5D blueprint, and it takes conscious discipline of our thoughts to change the previous program we grew up with.


The Sun forms a manifestation with Varuna (Leo), giving us the opportunity to see our creations from a higher perspective, just as an artist envisions the final masterpiece. Light must shine brightly to reveal the true image; however, shadow is necessary to create the subtleness that defines the masterpiece.


Other keys to unlock the potential of the 2021 Equinox event include the Sun MakeMake Light Bridge and the great eliminators: Mercury – MakeMake, Venus – Haumea and Saturn - Vesta. There is a Ceres Saturn resource as well.  One way to view all that has happened and what is currently happening is to see it as simply part of what creates our universe. In order to create a world of peace and harmony we need to recognize that it requires balance. If we see things shifting toward a less than desirable outcome, we need to shift or readjust our thinking to get us back on course and headed back to our true intention. At other times we may be holding on to things that are going to throw us off balance. Once we can identify and recognize all that is going on around and inside us, we will be able to readjust and focus on the goal and eventually arrive at our destination. Once realized, we will be able to enjoy, relax for a bit and then move on to our next stage of the journey.