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Monday the 10th
The week starts up with a deeply sensitive, Cancer Moon and she will remain in emotional Cancer until Wednesday afternoon. People’s feelings will be more easily expressed and intuition is heightened due to a trine to Neptune.

Late afternoon the Moon begins a series of aspects that are more challenging and we may find it more difficult to express our emotions, then the late evening can wake up dormant needs for protection with unsettled rumblings. This energy carries on to tomorrow, so get centered with it best you can before you head off to sleep. Recognize its yet another opportunity to choose a nurturing approach and leave all defensive, tenacious vibes behind.

Tuesday the 11th
The Cancer Moon continues her journey in the early morning hours with agitated connections to Pluto, Venus and Mercury providing continuous opportunities for recognizing the deep emotions that are driving us.

The Aquarius Sun will square Saturn in Scorpio at 2:57 PM and we are invited to check the integrity of our position and we may encounter situations that help to clarify exactly what is and is not working. Continue to choose mindfulness over stubborn, unconscious reactions and you can really grow some today! Slow and stead with a good dose of patience and respect; today’s recipe for success.

Wednesday the 12th
The Moon moves to Leo in the afternoon and retrograde Mercury revisits Aquarius tonight at 10:30. That’s a visceral energy shift that can bring us into greater appreciation and self expression. These are fixed energies that polarize the personal (Leo) with the universal (Aquarius), so don’t get stuck on one side of the bridge, instead connect an open mind to a generous heart and see what happens.

Real possibilities to revisit something or someone with a new perspective, can bring innovative projects and studies to a new height. Check in and see… are you allowing yourself to think of living, not just “outside the box”, but in a world with No Box!

Thursday the 13th
The Moon will trine Uranus at 10:21 AM, this is a fiery combo sparking all kinds of progressive creations. See what you can discover that inspires and uplifts you and then share it. After 1:00 PM , the Sun will semi-square Uranus, so don’t be too surprised if something suddenly changes and you have to make adjustments. Avoid wanting to spout off or implode, instead… infuse some project with new energy and make a mental note that we are building up to a Full Moon on Friday, Valentine’s Day. Its a time for new understandings that will lead to a greater experience of inner connected-ness.

Friday the 14th
Happy Valentines Day! Even though it is so heavily commercialized, it is nice to acknowledge that it is about honoring the Heart and Love. Interestingly enough, we have a Full Moon in Leo today and Leo is all about shining from Heart 🙂

Other players add to the dramatic flare of this Full Moon. Retrograde Mercury is hugged up to the Aquarius Sun as they sit opposite the Moon and Saturn squares them both. This T Square is a set up for fireworks and flare. That doesn’t have to be a scary picture at all, it can be full of sparkle, fanfare and surprise. Saturn challenges us to make sure we are listening to our own inner teacher and connecting to our true authentic self and not getting too carried away with the show.

The energy heats up another notch at 9:06 PM, when The Sun trines Mars bringing an added dose of courage to the mix with a sexy overtone. Romance is always interestingly different with Aquarius!

Saturday the 15th
After the intensity of yesterday, the Moon brings us back down to earth with a Virgo landing. We have a sensitive passage as the Moon opposes Neptune at 11:50 AM… What do you dream of?

There is a special connection in the afternoon when the Mercury (traveling retrograde) reconnects with the Sun and we may discover new aspects and connections between our Higher Mind and the light of our Being. This is a highly insightful time, so be sure to use it towards a greater good. The Moon sextiles Jupiter tonight, adding to the expansiveness… something new is being birthed.

Sunday the 16th
We continue with a Virgo Moon all day as she makes pleasant aspects to Pluto and Venus. Has your heart been transformed in some way? Have you discovered new ways to bring progress and practicality into your world?

Mercury trines Mars today and some messages are being brought back to us thanks to the retrograde motion of Mercury. Mars is the ruler of our physical body and today we can find a better balance between what our head thinks is best and what our body craves. Listen, and let the Mind/Body connection take you to a more balanced place in your life, starting now.

“Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

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Monday the 3rd
We wake up to a very different vibe from our dreamy Sunday, The Void of Course is over and events move forward quickly. The dial gets turned up on the fire when the Aries Moon joins Uranus for a zingy, fast paced dance at 4:17 PM. Listen for downloads of brilliant ideas to come at lightning bolt speed. Try to pace yourself so needed course corrections don’t completely derail you.

After dinner, the Moon amps up to some possible conflict or progress, depending on how you handle it. The Lunar fire will square expansive Jupiter, trans-formative Pluto and desirous Venus between 8:26 and 11:40 PM. Choose the highroad the entire evening, allow some space for your reactions to breathe and resist being hasty and you are sure to add to your evolutionary growth.

Tuesday the 4th
It’s another fiery day with the Moon in Aries dominating the airwaves. The Moon sextiled the Sun at 2:31 AM last night, lightening up the morning and we can pour lots of energy into shaking things up that might feel stuck. We want to get moving, so be open to making connections in fresh new ways, as we benefit from being out in the world today.

The energy might require some course corrections starting at 3:37 PM when the Moon and Saturn hook up in a not so comfortable way – most likely requiring some patience. There is a Moon/Mars opposition at 6:14 PM and because the Aries Moon is ruled by Mars, agitation can be accentuated. Simultaneously, the Moon goes VOC and energies are best spent reflecting inward…take your fire inward and if you are restless… get some exercise, move your muscels, go to the gym!

Wednesday the 5th
After two fast-paces days, the tempo simmers down to a pace that feels a bit more manageable. We wake up to a grounded, sensual, Taurus Moon that forms harmonious aspects the entire day! She sextiles Mercury in Pisces just before lunch, making for some sweet conversations and earthly delights. Next, she sextiles Neptune, bringing fantasies alive and gentle compassion on board.

Jupiter in Cancer will sextile Chiron in Pisces mid-afternoon, paving the way for wisdom to heal old wounds that may still be sensitive. This is potentially one of the smoothest days we have this week, so please… take some time to feel the relief and show a little tenderness to yourself and others.

Thursday the 6th
The 1st half of today’s energies are pleasing and deliver a sense of ease to our tasks. More lovely Lunar aspects were activated while we were sleeping. How were your dreams, can you remember anything? Your inner voice can be vocal and it’s a great time to trust it. This Taurus Moon energy is earthy, patient and ruled by Venus, so hearts are open and the senses are heightened.

At 2:53 PM there is a shift when the rooted, Taurus Moon forms her 1st quarter square to the visionary, Aquarius Sun. We may be faced with a dilemma… how can we implement some of our new ideas, while being tethered to a current situation. Watch out for stubbornness, instead plan course corrections that extend to pathways that make sense.

Here is the planet Mercury’s story…the messenger turns retrograde today at 4:43 PM at 3 degrees Pisces and will travel back to brilliant Aquarius on February 12th. He will turn direct on February 28th, leave his shadow on March 8, then re-enter Pisces on March 27th. This is a period of time when our thinking can get recalibrate and realigned. We can root out old beliefs that are holding us back.
Mercury retrograde has acquired a reputation that has been popularized into a distorted, negative title. I personally don’t adhere to it, I choose to see it as a time of reflecting inward. Sometimes communications get screwed up because we are just not paying attention,so do pay careful attention to all agreements.

Friday the 7th
The Moon enters Gemini just after lunchtime and our communications take off in double time. Curiosity is running the day with lots of info back and forth. Later after dinner, the Moon will square Mercury at 8:03 PM and then square Neptune at 10:29 PM. It might be challenging to decipher what is real and what is imagined. Use the evening creatively and avoid trying to have a serious conversation… exaggerations and lack of clarity could cloud the truth.

Saturday the 8th
The Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus in the morning and we may find everyone chatty and playful. Starting at 2:31 PM there are several aspects that color the rest of the day with a need to make adjustments. We can bypass frustration by seeing how we can share ideas about changes that need to be made without pushing, or over emphasizing something.

Sunday the 9th
We awaken with the Moon and Sun harmonizing in the mental air signs of Gemini and Aquarius. Conversations are electrifying, good-natured, futuristic and insightful. This is a great day for gathering with friends and entertaining. Just after 4 PM Mars joins these harmonious air signs, adding confidence and further adding to the uplifting attitude of the day. Its a great time for creative writing and positive communications in all relationships. We end the the week on a welcomed up beat note… enjoy!

Mindfulness and awareness is the bridge between reaction and conscious choice.
Hal Tipper

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This week we have a New Moon in Aquarius, a Chinese New Year, Venus ends her retrograde and meets up with Pluto and and Mercury leave Aquarius and moves into Pisces. The end of the month is full of more shifts and changes and as Venus begins to move forward, she passes the baton to Mercury who prepares to go retrograde next week. It’s a week for us to dance light on our feet to the cosmic music, discovering the magnificence of our authentic self and learning to live it.
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Monday the 20th
The Virgo Moon trines heart-felt, artistic Venus in the early morning and sextiles transformational Saturn in Scorpio in the late afternoon. There is a framework here of cooperation and a laser-like focus that can help us work out the nitty- gritty details that must be dealt with, in order to make headway with whatever we are working on. It’s a day when you can plow through your “what I want to manifest” to-do list and feel good about your progress. Tuesday the 21st

Tuesday the 21st
The Moon enters Libra just before 8 AM and will trine the Aquarius Sun before lunch, supporting a cooperative environment for meetings and group decisions. This is a great time to bring opposing opinions to a peaceful outcome. The Libra energy strives for balance and can sometimes get snared in indecision. The energy will shift tomorrow, so do what you can to settle things today!

Wednesday the 22nd
This is a day to watch your behavior and keep choosing the high road! The Mirrored Self experiences are in overdrive. The Moon is playing bumper cars with the Grand Cardinal Cross, as she opposes Uranus, squares Pluto, then Jupiter, then Venus… from the wee hours until 1:06 PM. The day is full of opportunities to see how reactive you or someone else is. Fear based, power struggles, judgmental behavior, defensiveness and excessive melodrama all represent the lower frequency of these combined transits.

Discovering new ways to observe our emotional reflexes and seeing how we can stay in our center no matter what, this is the opportunity available on the high road today. Watch out for going over the top to please another as the Sun squares the Moon’s Nodes, adding more agitation to an already frictional day.

The energy calms down with the Moon’s trine to Mercury at 7 PM. Take a moment or two to ease up on yourself and anyone else around. Look for what is newly awakened in your perception. The Libra Moon will conjunct Mars at 10:50 PM and it’s not a time to push for resolutions, but it is excellent for really looking at all relationship issues that emerged today and seeing clearly, your part in it.

Thursday the 23rd
The Moon is VOC (Void of Course) until it enters Scorpio at 4:43 pm when we shift our emotional focus from what is fair and balanced to what we deeply desire. So most of the day we are provided with a chance to go inward, to allow things to be as they are, to accept where we are in our process without judgment. Take advantage of this and intend to connect to Divine Feminine energy. Owning our projections, seeing our reflection in everything we see and looking for the beauty all around us, is the best use of this energy, prior to the Moon’s move into Scorpio.
The watery Scorpio Moon is deep, intuitive and emotional. There is a desire to connect profoundly and authentically and the conscious work we did earlier today may have paved the way for a profound connection, when the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces at 11:56 PM.

Friday the 24th
Between midnight last night and 10 this morning, the Scorpio Moon squared the Aquarius Sun, illuminating any discrepancies between our heart’s desire and our mind’s ideals. Look for clarification and steer clear of stubbornness. The rest of the day takes an uplifting turn, starting with Mercury in Aquarius trining Mars in Libra around 10 AM. We are able to see objectively without the emotional charge and harmonious thoughts about the future come pouring in. This is a great time to make plans and take action!

The Moon trines Chiron around 1 PM bringing healing and a sense of wholeness to our emotional body. We are soothed by more harmonious aspects for the rest of the day, when the Moon connects to Pluto, Jupiter and Venus. Overall this could feel like the best day of the week and the evening is ripe for compatible connections.

Saturday the 25th
The Moon goes VOC (Void of Course) at 8:55 AM and remains so until late tonight when she moves into Sagittarius. This is an inward day, hanging out in nature and spending more time “Being” and less “Doing” is recommended. Mercury squares Saturn just after sunrise, then the Moon and Saturn join up in Scorpio, setting a serious tone that can make for a challenging day if you try to push anything.
The key is to use this time to look deep for solutions and stay away from focusing on the negative. Traditionally this aspect can undermine confidence with self doubt and struggling to say what we mean.

From a higher place, it resonates as an opportunity to clarify and remodel our communication skills and to see where our self talk needs cleaning up. Take steps to evolve your thinking. The Moon leaves the deep waters of Scorpio and moves into inspired Sagittarius at 10:13 PM, bringing optimism and exploration to the mix. Dreams will be expansive.

Sunday the 26th
The week ends on an upbeat note,with the hopeful Sagittarius Moon sextiling the Sun in the morning and trining Uranus just after lunch. This is a welcomed relief after the more emotionally challenging aspects that occurred midweek. It’s a day to get out and do something new, follow your passion and let curiosity open doors. Let yourself smile a lot today!

“Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.” ― Richard Bach

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