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This past week was one of eye-popping and eye-opening disclosures and heart-rending destruction of the Pacific Northwest. The days forward will continue to test our mettle and faith. The Change is truly upon us.   Our Lights, our faith and trust are more important than ever before. Now is the time to dig even deeper, awakening and knowing who you truly are - and believe me, we have barely begun to scratch the surface. We are so identified with the role we play in this one life that we cannot imagine being something more than that. In many cases, we are just beginning to recognize our shadow self and begin to welcome home those unloved parts of ourselves. This work is essential but we all must dig a little deeper, opening the door to our most Sacred Self.
I ask you to spend regular time in the coming days in meditation and hold both humanity and our world in Light and Love. See yourselves connected to all who came to Light the way forward in these dark days. Keep fear at bay, knowing that all is well, that all will be well.
Message from the Mother:
We are gathered here under my welcoming arms to change the world, stripping away all illusion and misconceptions. With alliances old and new working together with the Light of Love, we come as guardians must to clean away the toxic misalliances and abuses that have become so prevalent. As any loving parent would do, I have allowed time/space for mistakes to reveal themselves and corrective action to be taken.   Instead, the addictive love of power has has become the prevailing focus. Power’s heady appeal seduces but like any addictive substance, it becomes its own prison. I will clean house in my own way, assisted by my sisters and brothers.  
I speak to you, from the heart of Hearts. This wanton abuse and desecration of my Creation and my children will be addressed. The rage of the crumbling patriarchy will yet erupt and I implore you to remain in your hearts. Allow the Light of the One to fill your hearts and souls, trusting that all is well. His days are over and he knows it and hates it with all of his being. He has over-identified with the part he was to play and now resists its passing. The blinds are open, the doors thrown wide, and none can be closed again.
All is well, my children, the Awakening is here and the Truth will be delivered.   My Love knows no bounds.

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  1. Thank you. Words of wisdom need repeated. To stay the anger built up as ego try’s to remain in total control. The balancing act of ego is very much a teeter/totter. Daily rebalancing seem to be necessary now. Keeping grounded in Mother Earth as light streams down thru the top of the head meeting in the heart Center. Loving reminders not harsh inner self talk.

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