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Here we are in a wormhole again, and one that snuck up on us. That aspect seems perfect to me because I can’t help but think that this passage  is intimately tied to the “angry young man” issue that came up last week, especially after reading Ellias Lonsdale’s offering on 12/14.  The angry young man is a soul remnant we have left behind and frankly, have been happy to disown.  Now, here we are in a wormhole, and  we are having to face the consequences of that choice AND reclaim that rejected part of ourselves. No one enjoys having an angry and unreasonable person around, especially internally. And yet, here we are...  It is time to dive deep again, with our hearts wide open, willing to embrace the unlovable and bring him home.  

Remember that Saturn usurped Uranus’ role as Divine Father and has not exactly exhibited divine behavior.  Instead, the Ascendancy of the Patriarchy was launched and dismemberment of the Feminine was the result.  Saturn, as youngest son, had a strong sense of entitlement along with a deep and abiding feeling of being overlooked. Uranus has now reclaimed his place as Divine Father and the Feminine is united again.  One can only imagine how that would affect the “reality” Saturn created in his mind. One can only imagine how angry he would be to relinquish all he claimed....

This is the time to dive deeply once again, into those dark and angry parts of ourselves - those parts that we have no desire whatsoever to face, never mind bring into the Light.  Diving deeply is not anything we haven’t done before and we have gotten quite good at it.  But here is an added blessing this time.  The Divine Father is assuredly back in his place, with the Divine Mother by his side.  These Guardians will side beside us and with us and make certain that the errant Son is brought home and his anger transmuted to Light. As always, it will be harder in unexpected ways, and easier than we ever imagined.  Just remember to breathe and keep your heart open, and that we are all in this together.  Now let’s go get him and bring him home.

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