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Endings and beginnings....

My daughter mentioned to me the other day that God must have
deliberately designed endings, like going to sleep at night, so that
everyone could have an opportunity to start fresh in the morning. We are
given that opportunity, she said, to step back from circumstances and
regroup, so to speak. A reset button.
Never has that seemed more necessary than right now as we hover on the
brink of phenomenal change. We all need that deep in-breath, that
moment to affirm our vision and our truth before we step forward. And
once we do step forward, that perceived change will take on a life of its
own and become an unstoppable powerhouse.
In this very charged atmosphere of change, the sideways elevator hit my
daughter yesterday in its inexplicable and out of the blue way. She has
lived in a rental home for several years now with her two children. It is a
darling house, full of light and love; so much so that we all call it The
Sunshine House. She and the kids have been very happy there.
Her landlord called last night and notified her that in four months time, her
rent will be going up. Enough that it means that they will have to either buy
the house or move. My daughter is a well known and respected director in
a non-profit and we all know how financially strapped non-profits are,
which of course then trickles down to employee incomes. There is no
extra money for my daughter to make big changes.
For me, living in the CC world, this is a huge opportunity to say YES!! For
me, much easier to embrace than my daughter, who has to focus on keep
a safe roof over her children’s heads. Having been a single parent, I
remember how terrifying it can be, but now I see nothing but possibility.
For her, in this moment, there is nothing but fear.
She is facing a huge ending, whatever the outcome might be, and a huge
beginning. For her, it feels as if there is no moment of defined pausing, of
deep in-breath, of reset. She feels pushed off a cliff.
And this not the moment we all receive the gift of Unity? Is this not
the most profound time to pause however briefly and truly recognize that
endings and beginnings are the same entity?
If we are to live in Unity, as we must, embracing the Wholeness of every
situation is essential. There can be no more one OR the other. We are now
in a land of Both/And and to move forward means embracing Unity in its
One portion of our Congress is not embracing Unity and it can be seen on
their faces. They all look angry. They are even appear all the same age
range and color. Weirdly, they all look alike.
The other portion of Congress perfectly represents Unity. Different colors,
races, religions and genders. And more importantly, differing view points.
They are angry too but their anger is focused on positive change and
inclusion, rather than resisting change as the others do,
My point in mentioning this is not to preach on politics but to point out a
visual image of what polarity and unity look like. Only in Unity can we
survive. The days of duality and polarity are gone, done, dead. As they
say in Star Trek, resistance is futile. Beginnings and endings are not
separate and can no longer be seen as so.
My daughter came into this world with an extra dose of wisdom. She will
figure this out. She will find the moment to breathe and she will embrace
the future, because that is what she does. She will embrace the Unity and
move into her new life with the grace that always accompanies her along
her path. We must do the same.
And so, stepping forward, from here on in, we must recognize that there is
only Unity and that our job is to embrace it in every opportunity. We carry
the Light. We are the Way Showers.
And here is a little nugget from those who guide me: In Unity, resides
magic. It is the place in which miracles are born.

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  1. Oh Jan, I look forward to your CC channels every week. THIS post holds great meaning for me in regards to a decision from a client that should happen any day now. It is an instruction for me on embracing beginnings and endings.No matter what happens I WILL figure it out as I embrace the wholeness of my situation. Thank you and I pray that something far beyond your precious daughters wildest dreams awaits her & your 2 grandkids. Love Peg

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