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For the week of September 17, 2018

The Moon’s radiant light cast a spotlight on a clearing within the deepest
forest. Within that clearing, Lilith dances, she capers, she howls, she
laughs. A cauldron sits atop a roaring fire. Karma stands by, hooded and
cloaked, and implacably bears witness. The spell Lilith is casting is one
she has waited millennia to complete and the Trickster part of her is
allowed free rein. As she dances, she casts bits and pieces into the
cauldron, each one more important and forgettable than the one before.
She howls to the sky while laughing hysterically. As her dance reaches
fever pitch, Karma speaks at last. Now. It is done.
This long awaited moment has arrived, at last. Prepare to dance with her,
relinquishing all you have held as solid and true. The doors open, the past
dissolves, the Light is simultaneously extinguished and set alight in
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