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As frequencies shift in the coming days, it can be hard on the body.   Many of you have been experiencing physical changes and disruptions. This is to be expected at this juncture.
The frequencies have intensified and many of you are experiencing a disorienting and disconcerting pattern at this time/space. Your body is changing on a very fundamental level. These changes will continue, but they will become easier to assimilate and less uncomfortable. You must rest and eat nutritious food. You will need it. It is akin to walking into a familiar room and discovering that it is now twice the size. You must adjust to the new dimensions, and expand into the space, so to speak. To be asked to change all you thought was “real” in mid-stream, so to speak, can be disorienting. We assure you that all is proceeding as it should.
There is nothing you need to do except to allow. Allow this process to continue; do not attempt to overthink it. Self-care, as always, is essential.
You, the humans, chose to experience this separateness, this physicality. That experience does not stop your essential Self for being exactly what it truly is. You simply stepped into a role with great conviction. The time for Awakening is at hand. You recognize the Truth in this. Be ready, be heartful. Be without fear. Continue to be the Light that you are.
No need for shame or frustration over ego's childlike behavior and struggles. The Directive for Separation left each of you with fail-safe mechanisms, lest you be released from the directive too easily and too soon, leaving lessons unlearned and unincorporated.
Each of you is the Nightlight in a dark hallway, dear ones, not Times Square. It has ever been thus. Tell me now: Which has more impact?
Trust. Just remember to trust. Let your Light shine. Remember the dark hallway, and it becomes your responsibility to shine.   What you see out there is indeed a reflection of you and each moment you must continue to choose love.

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  1. Thanks Jan, “A Nightlight in a dark hallway” ….yesterday during my full moon meditation I was meditating with a pic of a burning candle! I love this synchronicity <3

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