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A note from Jan:

I am still struggling with my view of the Saturn Pluto conjunction.  I have read so many dire interpretations from other astrologers in my search to find someone, anyone who sees what I see. For me, I can only find joy.   I can agree that transformation and rebirth are generally messy.  The world is in a darker place right now than many even realize. We know the Patriarchy is dying.
Even so, I see Pluto escorting the Wayward Son home to his rightful place, with the stern expectation that he will leave his destructive ways behind him and become the man he was meant to be, at the Father’s side.  Pluto will make sure the lessons are learned.  The Divine Feminine is represented not only by the many planets that support and surround this event but also by Mercury, who bears new wisdom directly imparted by Source.  
This event is also surrounded by many planets that were not considered (or even known) in previous conjunctions and I believe they must be included in this event, whether they have direct influence or not.  Their existence alone indicates powerful influence.  They have the potential to make this event something we have never seen or known before, I believe.  
Even energetically, to me, this event feels like something that should be celebrated rather than dreaded.  We know the time of change is here and if this is the dawn of the new golden age, we should rejoice.
I know I am not an astrologer but I have taken in every word you [Stephanie] have taught us these many years.  I have spent hours asking for answers from those who speak through me.  Every time, I see the same thing.   Yes, change, and messy, but also global shifts along the way, unexpected transformations and a swell of heart openings and minds changing instantly.  I see hands reaching out.  If we came here each to play a part, then why not reach a point where the part no longer serves, and the Self manifests more purely?  I see this happening, over and over.  And my heart is so full.

Weekly Channel

We are entering a period in which all that has been familiar and comfortable shall be redefined. Prepare to relinquish that which no longer fits with ease and comfort. Prepare to step away from the familiar. Prepare to be redefined in your entirety. You have led lives that have followed a certain trajectory. That trajectory ends now and a new one begins. That “you” that has lived these past years is not the “you” that will carry forward. Do not waste your time on fear or anxiety. Fear is nothing but your resistance to trust and having faith. Welcome instead this new way of Being. You will find a sense of coming home to who you truly are, instead of losing that which you believe you value. Consider this to have been practice. You now step forward as the Messenger and Guardian that you truly are.
Most of you will resonate with these words and have already seen hints of the “you” who is evolving.   Discipline and commitment have been necessary elements, as is the ability to allow without restriction. There have been unexplored parts of you that now awaken. Rejoice in this, as you greet long-forgotten aspects of your Self.
That which was lost has been found. That which is familiar becomes much less so. The mind which deceives stops, allowing the heart to lead the way. Pendulum swings and Light leads the way.
The final transformation of the Wayward Son has begun. He must fully recognize the error of his grasping ways and step into his rightful place. The concept of Time serves to create balance and this is his true domain. He must come to accept the fluidity and transience of this concept. Forcing it to behave according to his whims did not work and only made him angry.   Transformation and rebirth are the answers to his dilemma and frustration. The Mother is in place, awaiting his rebirth, as are others who guard and guide. Rejoice, as you as Guardians step forward and take your rightful places.

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  1. Wow! Powerful-
    And I had to smile when you thought of joy instead of the usual dire interpretations. Sure it might be messy but change can be joyful. I think it depends on the work one has done and the personal outlook one has that determines whether you can find joy in these strange happenings. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Jan, for the encouragement. Yes, I also “can agree that transformation and rebirth are generally messy”, and feel heavy at times (also literally, as we move the furniture of our lives around), though it feels so good to have walked through that wall of fear as though it didn’t even exist- it was all in the mind (The S/P conjunction is affecting my 3rd house sun). Here we all are, still standing, still finding joy in each other, READY and WILLING to address the challenges as they arise this year. Namaste.

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