THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/15/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, Dynamic Beings of Light!

The nature of nature is to change, shift and morph. Breathe into that for a moment. Can you feel that? Can you accept it on any level? It is the truth. Nothing ever stays the same. Yet, if you expect something different to come from a lack of change in approach, you will run yourselves into extinction. Yes, the nature of nature IS change.

To this end, therefore, the nature of the game is to move WITH the shifting times. To constantly reinvent one's self can and should be fun and exhilarating. Yet, when one sees anything but perfection in it all, and instead becomes entrapped within the shift, well... then... they feel the machine has been shifted into overdrive... over them... and then they suffer. If this describes any of you at this time, and any feelings of defeat, we might need to ask you, "Have you forgotten the truth?"

You see, you did not come here to suffer... again. This time you came to rise above suffering, to transcend it. You came to experience love at its highest levels. But if you, in any way, have forgotten that you are a warrior of light, then you might be suffering. So let us remind you.

For many lifetimes, you have inevitably felt that you have been tested, tried and stretched. You felt life was happening TO you, rather than finding positive opportunism in it all. You became caught in the dramas over time that felt relentless, and you began to give credence, and therefore rise, to victim consciousness. In so doing, in giving up on a higher power that you believed had abandoned you, you created a material world with the belief that you needed protection from something outside of you. Oh the irony!

For if you needed protection from something "out there", then you had already proven there WAS, in fact, a higher power. Only your beliefs, etched deeper and deeper into the subconscious, had you believing over all of these lifetimes that you had in fact been abandoned. And only when you stopped long enough to witness the grand narcissism and elaborateness of your story, could a Divine Moment find you long enough in a brief pause to give you more pause. In a moment like that, perhaps you have a thought like, "There has to be something better than this!" Of course there is. You just briefly forgot that you have returned to unlearn what took you so long to realize needed to be unlearned.

However, if you were to collapse the sine wave of nature from the perceived peaks and valleys you believe you see, into the position or viewpoint of neutral observer more often, you could cast your raft or sailboat on the open seas of consciousness. From here, you would simply move with the shifting tides. You would remain unaffected by the waves, but rather you would be left only in awe of their wonder.

For life happens in sine waves and your job is to merely admire their mathematical wonder, not necessarily uncovering their mysteries but feeling them. After all, the perfection of gifts like the Golden Ratio is that they are ultimately used to show you that everything is perfect and in direct proportion to everything else, each seemingly observing the other to give credence and relativity to one another in some way that serves the observer. After all, who is not observing? Ha ha!

The difference, of course, is that you are giving in to what you believe you are observing. But when you can observe like the narrator of the story, you understand the characters were merely created by the author to play their parts. Your mission, then, in the nature of this incredibly beautiful game is to see the stories like the narrator. "Read" them, appreciate them, and then remember that you created it all with your keen, perceiving consciousness - the characters, the story, the narrator, and the author. And when you can again merge with your authorship, there is no stopping your creations of love.

So come home now to the Author, and create the story you have always wanted to read. Never before has the publisher been so ready for your book.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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