THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/23/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


What say you? With castles full of experience in this Divine Lifetime in which you exist, take inventory. What are your Sacred Halls in your temple lined with - fear or love? Well, perhaps it is time to renovate once and for all. It would be wise, too, to select a decorator aligned with the colors, tones, and materials of love, truth, peace, right conduct and non-violence. Are you ready for this overhaul? It will cost you nothing, but devotion.

It is time, now, that you clear your halls, your pathways, of unrest, untruth, illusory gain and greed. It is time to step into trust... trust that something greater than you has you. But not with words. No! The time for words have passed. It is time for action... devoted action - within and without.

Do you know you? When last, in peaceful silence, have you surveyed your innermost territories to summon the over-presiding feelings and emotions of your highest truth? Do you trust or not?

This path, the path of the Spiritual Warrior is not for the light-hearted. In fact, notice we did not say spiritual aspirant, and we capitalized the words, "Spiritual Warrior". To be true to this path in times of SEEMING peril, requires a devout and righteous knowing. Therefore, it is time for all warriors of the light to pick up their battle gear within to fight the inner battles of the egoic mind and its stories and own, once and for all, whether you truly trust this path and it is in your blood and in your actions, or whether the words you speak simply sound nice and idealistic.

There is no more time for play. You either clear the halls of your inner sanctum now, and come forward, or stop wasting more of your energy on fruitless searches for truth. This may not be the path for you this time around, and that is ok. But, then please clear the way for those who are ready, those who are willing to guide lost boats into port. For their lighthouses will shine bigger and brighter without party boats blocking the view.

The ship we speak of is the ship of consciousness. Heed closely these words, and make no mistake - we want those hungry and passionate for the journey to come to the front line now - not to be devoured or annihilated, but to be FULLY and UTTERLY protected by the virtue of God-consciousness, which is finally ready to be received by all now ready to bow and receive it FULLY.

The time for play is over. All Spiritual Warriors willing to re-decorate from the inside out, step forward now. For we knight thee worthy, prepared, and destined to achieve greatness in this "battle" - and we stand fully behind you and your righteous actions. Take note, on this day we pledge our full support to those IN full support. Surrender your worries, fears and doubts now, and heed the beckoning of the Angels of Glory. Feel us, know us, incorporate us - and we shall shine to be known through you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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