THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/30/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


We are your watchtower. We are looking over you, and you are never forgotten, not even when you feel or believe that you are. We have told you many times that you are in unprecedented territory, and you are. You are quite literally making history as you sit and read this - for you and the Universe.

You see, Earth, not just her inhabitants, has a Divine Blueprint. She must ascend too, as this is also her destiny. We have said that she will do so with or without humans. This is true. However, it is also true that she will bring as many with her as are willing to come. The ones she brings, though, must do the work to see through the veils, both "in there" and "out there" on your planet.

Although technically every being, every soul, is protected by the very nature of consciousness and its ability to create itself in miraculous ways, the WAY in which that protection is viewed is determined by the observer... even the unconscious ones. For even they are observing whether they realize it or not. To this end, simply because humans may choose not to ascend this lifetime IN A BODY the way in which they could through learning and living the teachings of a fifth dimensional (5D) reality of love (not fear) based living, this does not mean they will be forgotten. No, for they are souls and loved no less than those choosing love and light at this time WHILE here.

You will all return to this way of existing once you transition back to the heavens in spirit. But you can do so now, and there is no time left not to come into 5D if you haven't already begun the journey. Destiny is calling and many, but not all, are hearing and heeding the call.

You see, you are being summoned to awaken in mass. Your spirit world (spiritual) leaders, some visible and some etheric teaching from beyond, are rallying the "awakened" ones so as to ensure that you not fall asleep again before the final ascension process that can occur in a body. Many of you are entering these phases now. Some of you are just about getting there, and others are just on the edge of trusting enough to begin asking what "beginning this process" looks like. Ha ha! Fear not, no matter how far along you believe you are.

What we mean to say in all of this is that we understand some of you have heard of alternate dimensions, or realities, where those who refuse to "get it" may end up. But this sounds very unloving and the Divine is nothing but love. All of you and your loved ones are, and will continue to be, protected. However, this does not mean you will all ascend IN your physical forms on this dimension in this lifetime. You must choose it. If you do not, that ship - Consciousness of The Seas - will sail without you. The good news, there are plenty of lifetimes left for vacations. Those ships, however, may not come in each of them.

In that vein, those who are not ready to live in unconditional love will appear to transition from this world to another through various methods. No one can ever "die" as consciousness itself is energy and energy simply IS. But the time has come for spiritual aspirants and their practices to raise your human vibrations beyond that which you have known for millennia. Therefore, we are telling you now that we have seen and heard your struggles from the watchtower. Therefore, we are increasing our efforts to help you all see it through.

We are sending additional leagues of Angelic Messengers to help you with your transition to the 5th dimension, fully and whole-bodied.

They will show up in wondrous and, in some cases, quite dramatic fashion. Do not buy into the drama, but rather FEEL the love. Allow them in. Expect it all, and then receive it when it shows up for you.

You have all come this far, and you must therefore understand that we MUST provide you the tools. That is what you signed up for.

You must sit still, remember, to receive them. You need only trust at this hour, and we shall "show" you our full glory. Place your faith and trust in us, the Archangels and the Ancient of Days, and we shall return you each to your rightful throne. Remember, you are each Kings and Queens of Consciousness, who desired to come here to make Earth the planet she was always intended to be. You did this because your hearts wanted to, even when we and the Councils warned how difficult it may be. You were having none of it.

Now, see it through and ye shall be rewarded.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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