THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/20/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, wayshowers. After all, that is what you are - those who show the way to others. And you have traveled far and wide, and traversed rugged landscapes to be here at this stage of the game, ready to explore anew. So by now, then, we are quite sure you have figured out that all that appears to be going on "out there" is ruled by how you are feeling "in there". It takes lifetimes to master this, hence the repetition.

But let us be clear, LITERALLY all that is happening on the Earth plane at this hour is awakening the turnover of the elements. And when this occurs, rebirth is sure to follow. Earth quakes (Earth element), forrest fires (Fire element), thunderous storms (Air & Water Elements), are all designed to bring about change by driving the human race inward (humans racing inward - there's an idea), rather than continuing to look outside themselves for answers.

When humans begin to go inside, when they truly thirst for real wisdom beyond just knowledge (i.e. determining the place from which its science was born unto them, rather than how to use science to maximize material riches), they bring about an interesting loophole in their manmade systems. You see, humans, you have unintentionally called upon Mother Nature and Her elements to unleash massive change. As she quakes, and fires, and storms, she drives you inward once more, and awakens the Ether element in each of you, where you remember the answer to the question, "Who am I?"

Desecration of natural resources, over-zealous greed, unconscious destruction of species of animals, and on and on - all of it has led Mother Nature to devour the inane ignorance, and birth you into WE consciousness once more. For until you thirst for THIS knowledge, you shall forever perish in your fires. Yet, this can no longer occur at its present rate, or the Earth will not survive, and then the Cosmic Blueprint cannot be fulfilled. Given this is not an option in the Divine Plan, either Mother Earth and her inhabitants begin to "get it" again in the next 100 years, or she will ascend the Mysterious Cosmic Ladder without the human race.

This is not an ultimatum, but merely a fact. In order to slow down the mass destruction, humans must slow down the monkey minds. To do this, some form(s) of meditation practices will be requisite. For when you can slow down, Cosmic Truth can reach you much more quickly. It is within said Cosmic Truth that essential, and non-destructive, landslides of consciousness can come to you.

To do so, the Earth knows that humans must once again unlock Ether and return to themselves to the full knowledge of their purpose that was always their birthright. Peoples must cease warring, lands must cease shaking, habitats and species must cease disappearing. None of this can occur without you. You are at critical mass for your race, and the time is now.

You will not find real answers on your televisions, electronic devices and media outlets. These are all external to the problem and to the place of resolution. For you to resolve this, you must be resolute with the self. You must go inside. You must demand change.

And, as more and more of you do this, more and more "appears" to go chaotic in the world. This is an illusion. You are simply driving the chaos within outside of you, so that you may purge it all as the last transmission made evident. Such is the truth of the fall of the Kali Yuga cycle. Kali ensures that no misalignments are left in her wake. This means all that is out of alignment MUST fall in order that it be birthed in... well... order.

Upon the liberation of souls, which unlocks the liberation of a planet, and vice-versa, all that lacks integrity must fall so that man can stand united with God, not separate from God. You have not been abandoned, but rather you have abandoned truth. In so doing, you lack the highest knowledge in the land. For it to return to you, you must return to it. Only then will you have peace.

We are standing at the ready. We know you can do this, for this is what you came here to do. Act now, and you shall be FULLY supported by the Heavens, the Earth and the Cosmos, and all those beings within them that have signed up to support your ascent. What a journey you are on!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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