THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/11/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Beloveds, hallelujah!

Yes, we are singing praises. The word itself means, "God be praised." To this we say hallelujah times two - both to the God in the Heavens, as well as to the God in each and every one of you. As we have been sharing with you for about a year now in your dimensional time, the world you are living in is undergoing the prophecy of massive purging that has been foretold for millennia, during which personal, social and global transformation is running at peak rhythms within and without.

The key now is focus. Remember, we have told you that you always have two choices - love or fear. If you buy into what you believe you are seeing, you may succumb to fear. However, if you can remain heart-centered, grateful, and filled with trust and faith, heavenly wonders about what is REALLY taking place will be revealed unto you through your devotion to these endeavors.

There will be friends and loved ones who attempt to pull you into the arena of fear with them. You must learn to discern if you have not already done so. Meeting folks where THEY are is key. This does not mean you need to change your belief systems, but rather remain centered within you about the great purge, knowing that all are experiencing EXACTLY what they signed up for - what they need, actually, to awaken them. This includes those attempting to drag you into their fear-based dramas.

Your role, and make NO mistake about this, is to...


There will be moments that you catch yourself buying in. This is ok. Simply reign it all in, and forgive yourself quickly. The fact is that the pull will be strong by those making last moment efforts to remain in the old 3D world. They do not yet know the virtues of 5D unconditional living and, to be frank, they are scared. In some cases, they are terrified. This is because humanity has learned over much time to be scared of the unknown. You have taught yourselves to have a plan for everything. Newsflash: You CANNOT plan for what comes next.

Honestly, though, why would you want to plan. When you attempt to plan from the space of fear, you completely limit the fearless Universe. You literally place a muzzle on Her unlimited potential to birth anew in EVERY SINGLE moment. Feel into that last statement for just a moment. In other words, what we are saying is that when you attempt to draw up a plan of how things needs to look, you are limiting the Universe's ability to deliver all it has to give you and your loved ones.

So, instead, while the rest of the world attempts to do such things, you need only to be the bright lights that you are. Those bright lights were given a special "knowing" of sorts in your hearts before you reincarnated. You have earned the right to be among the first to understand, trust, and deliver on what it means to lead from the unlimited heart, and not the limited mind. After all, the Sacred Heart holds the unlimited potential OF the Universe.

Do not try to understand these concepts. That human desire, alone, limits you. Instead, trust that you ALREADY know what this means. Therefore, you need only focus your sites on the unlimited potential of God, The Universe, Universal Life Force Energy, or YOU to deliver FOR you. In so doing you set an enormous example, and exude an aura that appears to those in fear as Aurora Borealis.

So be the Northern Lights that you are, leading humanity back to the North Node. The world has been Awaiting This Arrival.


With so much love in our hearts for you,


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