THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/18/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Beloveds, the mission is what you have come for this time. And you have come far. In other words, you have not come for the distractions of your world. You have come to see through them, work through the manmade illusions of them, and move to transcend them. That IS the mission, and it is called human ascension... to be in a body, but to transcend what its senses and neural networks tell the body and mind is real. In essence, you have come to acknowledge that you are not the body or the mind.

You have come here this time to acknowledge who and what you truly are. You are immaterial incarnate, otherwise known as a breathing, functioning miracle. And what gave you life is beyond evolution. In fact, you come from the great expanse. So what gave evolution "life" is what you come from.

You come from nothingness and shall return to nothingness. Yet, this nothingness we speak of contains EVERYTHING and every thing, for it developed all of it. You are a piece of God, a living, breathing God-particle.

God, in her, his, its Divine Grandeur and infinite wisdom desired to prove that man could recognize God AS man. That you would be able to see through the illusion of mankind was God's plan. That there would be one impossibility a human could identify - there is NO separation from God - was the mission you set out to attain.

And to achieve such lofty goals was to prove the opposite was first required in a dualistic state - that gravity would be required to keep you "here" for a time until the ultimate re-emergence of remembrance. You agreed that the "pull" of this gravity would eventually become too much to defeat, conquer, or overcome in one human lifetime, so you as a collective ONE decided to create reincarnation.But if you begin thinking of reincarnation as God's way of granting a video game player more chances at beating the game, you will come into alignment again with the I AM presence that has gotten you this far again.

So, the goal is not to squander now what you have worked so hard for - not even in a world so seemingly wrought with lack of hope and faith. For you to lose your faith now would be tantamount to God throwing in the towel. You understand this is quite literally an impossibility, correct? That would simply mean that once you transition from this life to the astral plane again, you would fully remember that this WAS the truth all along, and that you would have to return and work potentially 3 or 4 or more times as hard again for multiple lifetimes JUST to get to where you are now. To be clear, THAT is NOT the mission at hand for you.

No. You have come now for to be freed NOW. To attach to the material world with hope again is futile. There is nothing created IN this world that is real.


Can you feel the utter truth in this? For the system that created your ability to experience love here is NOT from here. Nor are you from here. You are from whence LOVE ETERNAL was created. That is the same love that created your Earth, your stars, your Galaxy, your solar system, and your Universe. Keep expanding outward and you may touch the tip of this love iceberg.

THAT is who and what you are... this expansive love. And you have come, on a mission, to experience this at the highest levels again. Choose, now, to touch this love, and it will choose to unfold itself in your experience. Choose not to, and it will stand at the ready for you to receive it as it has done for millennia. Its patience cannot be measured, for its love in boundless. For it IS YOU, and you are simply waiting to remember this.

Surrender is key. The type of surrender is not folding, or throwing in the towel. It is the type of surrender where acceptance of the fact that you do not understand the mysteries is essential. This surrender calls for you to KNOW they are there and that they will be revealed to you in Divine Timing. In the meantime, this type of surrender requires that you go about living your life, with full trust, faith and unbridled inner knowledge THAT it is all there for you.But to break the paradox, you must hold it as fragile goods.

So... practice surrender with diligence and it WILL come. For it must. It is your birthright, and the soil of truth is fertile NOW for the mysteries to be revealed. After all, you truly reap what you sow. Therefore, sew DEEP trust and faith into your spiritual fabric, and miracles will be reaped.


With so much love in our hearts for you,


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