THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/12/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings light leaders. Our message today is fairly straight-forward. We have been “wondering” if you are 1) enjoying the journey and 2) remembering that you are human, but for a time.

You see, you are SO much more than human. This is only a temporary reality you find yourselves in. Remember this... now. There is, actually, no better time than NOW.

It is time, folks, to remember you are not folks. Ha ha! You are spirit, energy... incarnate. We have told you time and again that you are the God-particles embodied. We were never joking, or implying sarcasm. We are being quite literal.

You are souls having a human journey. In that journey, however, we have witnessed you for far too long getting caught up in things that, in the end, LITERALLY will not matter. We wonder if you are now ready to release them. What we mean is, holding on to these inanimate things, will cause them to matter, or materialize in a form or forms that will become the very reason(s) you need to return to this plane of existence... to work out the unfinished karmas of holding onto people, things, and situations that you ultimately JUST NEED TO RELEASE.

And, we have got news for you. If you are just holding onto all of it, then we are not sure how much you are actually able to fully appreciate the journey - the experiences, the connections - all of it is love, even the seeming “bad”. You embodied a body TO FEEL. All of your emotions are SUCH a miracle... if only you could perceive them that way.

In essence this whole transmission on this day in your dimensional reality is about asking you to enjoy your life more. Every detail of it is such a beautiful gift YOU have given yourself. This is why we say everything is happening FOR you and not TO you. It has to be because you set it up this way... and we know you would never hurt yourself intentionally when you have already come so far.

We understand these past few months and, frankly, these past two years have been tough. This is ONLY because the masses need awakening and are finally allowing the old to fall as the veils, then, continue to thin. Therefore, we urge you to remember what you know now. Apply it - ALL of it.

Find your center on your breath, and SEE THROUGH THE VEILS. You put them there, so you can pull them away so that you may enjoy the show SO much more. You do your part and, we have told you, we promise to do ours. We just cannot do your part for you. You must continue to trust, continue to surrender, continue to allow things to fall perfectly into place, and give NOT into the illusions of tragedy and destruction. It is only the making of new beginnings.

Stay strong, be well and most of all enjoy the ride. You have earned it.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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