THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/19/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Warriors, I have quite the message for you. You have been well prepared for the shift your planet is undergoing at this time. And what a transition it is indeed! Regardless of your country of origin, please understand we work with the energies where the world places the majority of its attention. And you must at this point understand that, whether you live in the United States of America or not, the US is quite the central point of polarizing energies of late, do we all agree? Ha ha!

So... regardless of where you live, or if you live in the US, regardless of how Americans voted, you must at this time find it amusing that a man by the name of "Trump" has taken office. This is actually QUITE FANTASTIC. 

ALL of the prophesies, ALL OF THEM, from your world and from the Akashic Records state in no uncertain terms that the end of one age of predominance that leads to another must arise when one massive energy overcomes another. We have told you that you are at the close of a massive 26,000 year cycle where the Kali Yuga is ending, and the Golden Age is beginning. In sanskrit, Kali is the demon representing strife, discord, disarray, and contention. And, of course, the Golden Age represents Peace Among Mankind.

For this transition to fully occur, the demon, Kali, must fully be exposed AND fall. But Kali always puts up a wonderful fight in this experience of duality the Earth plane has you experiencing for the time that you are there. Henceforth, it is imperative that you understand that, while Kali puts up this battle against the light, eventually Kali WILL fall and be TRUMPED by the light. In duality, this polarizing experience must occur in order that order be had on the Earth plane, thereby leading to Cosmic Order in your Galaxy and beyond.

Quite literally, this transition leads to Universal alignment. And, while this mass transition of power is ongoing, Kali throws everything he has left within him to cause mass disarray to see if he can pull the majority of souls back into the Kali Yuga with him before the Golden Age overcomes him. When this happens, he MUST step fully out of the dark recesses and FULLY into the light for the final battle, during which he will be exposed for who and what he is, so that all may see and know the control he has been perpetrating "behind the curtain".

Are you following where we are taking you here? Perhaps you can now understand the gross (AND NEEDED) ramifications at this juncture in mankind's history. It is all playing out perfectly well, but your job is to remain IN the Perception of Perfection. Do not lower your guard. Do not cave to the Higgs Field that Kali's force creates to attempt to drag you (and humanity) back into the dark trenches.

Many will not make it. They will be transported to dimensions of hell on Earth. However, this is not your fate if you are privy to these words, and heeding their truth. You are the select grouping (among others) who have been prepared through various lineages to see and know truth, and not cave to the demands of the Universal Tyrant.

Remember, death is an illusion. It is nothing more than changing your clothes every 90 years or so. Truly, what then do you really have to be afraid of? You KNOW this to be the truth. Should you perish on the human realm while fighting the Good Fight, then liberation belongs to your soul. There is no loss here, but rather only victory.

Yes, you will be tested. These tests will continue to occur powerfully over the next 2 years or so in your dimensional reality as Kali makes his exit. However, you have been WELL-PREPARED for said tests. So at this time we are requesting that you "please hold... " and patiently await the second coming. Look not ANY FURTHER at your news outlets with your human eyes, but rather see the truth in these words here today with the ONLY eye that matters. Lead with your heart, and allow yourselves to be led by love, not fear. The time is Nigh! And you will all be transported FULLY to 5D and beyond should you ONLY choose to trust with your hearts.

Activate them now, for only a mustard seed of faith is required to move mountains. So see past the incline, flatten the wave of fear, and enter the Sacred Heart. It is time.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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  1. “You are LOVEDLOVEDLOVED”, too! Thank you for all you do for us faithful, offering up the courage (love that french word, which comes from the heart!).

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