THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/26/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Please... stop what you are doing. Even if what you are doing is completely engaging in this message. Stop... NOW... and just sit for up to 10 seconds and breathe. And as you breathe, watch (or notice) your breath. Watch where it goes... beginning... NOW.














We are "hoping" that what you just noticed most is that you were not fully present even as you came to read what you perhaps perceive as a message of higher consciousness. If this is true for you, and you do not become FULLY present as best as you can on your breath, you will not BECOME the higher consciousness itself. Yet, this IS the objective to all of this.

Many of you have not yet realized that even you are still in resistance, even if just to the simple truth of who and what you are. You sit here looking at something outside of you to help you become more conscious. What a paradox. However, this is the journey from one level of consciousness to another. You must have something interrupt your patterns in order that you strive to achieve a higher level of awareness. Most often, the spiritual aspirant first perceives that "something" comes from "out there" to do the interrupting. Eventually, though, you realize that you created the need inside for something out there.

You create IT ALL. Do not resist this any longer. In fact, whatever it is that you still have resistance to, on any level, take a hard look at it now. IF you are attached to anything, you are in resistance on some level to letting it go. That does not necessarily mean cutting something out of your experience. It means to release within you the thought that having something physical or material makes you whole. The experience, your experience, of these things is what successively wholes you, until you see NO separation at all... until your eyes are not separate from God's eyes... until your vision IS ONE with the Creator's.

Can you not see the perfection in it all?

EVERY experience you have had, materially or intrinsically, has landed you right here.

EVERY experience you have had has been inside of you.

EVERY thing IS you.


The uprisings in your world are the uprisings within humanity's consciousness, where the collective light quotient is calling for shift and change. When you drop your resistance to the fact that your light quotient is helping humanity decide its fate, you become closer and closer to the WHOLE truth.

The name of the game at this stage is relinquishing your fears and, in doing so, lowering the walls of resistance you have built in your beliefs that you can lose anything. You can never lose what you never had.

Love is not something between two individuals. It is something you choose to feel inside of you as a result of your perception that something outside of you is having you feel a certain way. Your feelings are your choice. Your perceptions are your choice. This is true at the highest levels AND the deepest levels of thought and consciousness.

Everything you experience is a choice.

When you begin to KNOW this, rather than thinking or believing it, EVERYTHING in your world changes. Belief and thought require the human mind, while faith only requires the heart. It is time to take the light bridge of faith to dimensions you KNOW exist but have been too fearful to experience. The funny thing is that your fear will keep you in 3D. So why not allow your fear of being left behind in 3D be transmuted into love now. This will propel you over the light bridge into 5D and beyond.

So... what are you waiting for? None of this is up to something outside of you. Even your own karma is ultimately up to you. So there is ZERO external force holding you back, except the MIGHTY force that is and always has been you. Therefore, we are supporting your FULL remembrance, so that we may rejoice in truth once more together. Step fully, one foot in front of the other, into the highest version of you now, relinquish your walls, and then step again. Repeat, repeat, repeat... then see you on the other side.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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