THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/2/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, Beloveds. As you find yourselves directly amidst another spring holy-day season, whether celebrating resurrections, passings over, or other, we remind you that we have said in recent transmissions that mass change is on board for the next two years in your dimensional realities. To be clear, the tone of the reminder is not to strike fear in any of you, but rather quite the opposite. We are transmitting hope for your bright futures.

You see, anyone with the grace to have access to higher truths that vibrate higher than the material vibrations created on the Earth, does not have to suffer these next two years. In fact, quite the contrary. This could literally be your time to flourish. 

While old systems will continue to fall away for sure, this is the time to put to good use all the wisdom you have acquired over many lifetimes, and especially this one. This time in humanity's evolution has been prophesied as the coming, or pretense, to the Golden Age. It is the time where those with eyes to see can see the fall of the old and the birth of the new all at once, without going into fear. Instead, this is the time to rejoice.

Just as a "man" had once come to fulfill the promise that God would send His only Son to open the gates of Heaven for humanity, it is time to choose to open your own hearts to the full truth. A man was sent, so that you may have a super-hue-man experience. A man came to open the gates to the Heart Chakra of humanity. To open the heart, your heart, fully is to awaken to the truth of who you are.

Jesus walked on water, physically and metaphorically. He was saying that, to rise above the emotional patterns you have trapped yourselves in for so long, you would each need to make the decision to remember that you always have (and had) a choice. Victimhood is easier, for it takes less energy to point the finger elsewhere. But victimhood is also always disappointing, because you perceive to allow others to create your reality for you.

However, when you are ready to step into NEW consciousness, and the remembrance on any level of who and what you truly are (Cosmically Divine Beings of Light Like Jesus The Christ), you empower yourselves to become creators. This is happening en mass now and, as humanity continues to awaken to its own creatorship, this means that old authorities that humanity had given its power to in the past must fall.

Educational, Medical, Financial, Governmental and Religious systems ARE FALLING as you read this. Alternative thinkers, even children, are beginning to come up with ideas for better todays and tomorrows. This is not a mistake, nor a coincidence. This is the prophesy being fulfilled. Jesus' truest teachings are that EVERY partially awakened being IS the second coming. This is actually the teachings of ALL the great gurus, sages, mystics, and hopefully and eventually... the clerics of every great tradition.


Humanity has simply forgotten this truth. As a result, humanity has hidden its power by freely giving it away to societies that would be built to protect something that never needed protecting... true freedom. True freedom, though, exists when you realize you were never born and you can never die. Therefore, even resurrection, is a misnomer. For how can you truly resurrect something that has never died a death?

You see, it is all in your perception of what you thought you once knew. Instead, choose to see with the eyes God gave you, rather than societal eyes. God sees with love. Your societies generally see with fear. As a collective, you will need to see through this in order to create anew. But you are already doing it. Alternatives are being presented, and humans are seeing them... finally.

This is the way HOME. This is the way to true liberation. This is where the future is bright.

So as you seek with new, fresh eyes, hold your torches of light and true vision high so that all may see and follow you. For this, you will not suffer, but rather you will be led beyond suffering to the Highest Views available. Let the Gurus take  you to Visionary Status, and may all other mysteries be revealed unto you as you need and desire them.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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      You’re welcome, Mimi. And remember, you are peering into a Cosmic Mirror when looking at your world around you. That validation is coming from right inside you. Well done!

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