THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/9/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Beloveds, you have asked for a New World. You have even commanded it. To receive it, now you must allow the resistance to what is to first fall. Only then can it be replaced with the love your hearts have imagined for so long.

To do this, you must accept responsibility for your complacency in what was for so long, in order to achieve what can and will be. But you have all had hands in creating this. It, this world you want changed, did not create itself. And you are not victims of this creation. You had a direct hand in creating it. The moment you can accept this on any level, or any deeper levels than that which you perhaps already have, you then build a greater container within you for the love of change to move freely through you. 

To do this, though, you must drop the resistance. The horrible is happening because you called for change. You understand this, do you not? Humanity much FULLY show itself its atrocities that IT created in order that this creation be stopped.


What your "action" looks like, though, from here on out is up to you... each of you. Change occurs first from within, and is then perceived out there. If every man, woman, and child were to look at how they are creating their worlds, they would stop. If you knew you were doing it all, would you not stop? Of course you would. So we are telling you... you are doing this to yourselves, for yourselves.

So you need to look hard at yourselves in order that you take back your power that you have so freely handed over. Even if EVERY action you took from now until your Earthly demise was an internal action of mindful responsibility, only EVERYTHING would change on your planet, and within the Cosmos. It is literally that simple.

To be enlightened is to be a willing, wanting participant in the Human Cleanup. To do so, you "take out the trash" inside of you, so that the light may reach further and further depths within you. In doing so, your lights shine brightly, and others may find you, and model you.

The only thing worth resisting any further is further non-action. If you were to simply become aware of how your actions and non-actions have fully manifested the world you see before you, "good" and "bad", you would not hesitate. You would simply change... overnight. So since you cannot FULLY see it YET, let us be the ones to tell you...


If you already know and apply this, apply it more deeply now. If this is the first you are seeing and hearing it, let it not intimidate you. Instead, REMEMBER the truth that we are ALL one. Humans, Archangels, Masters, Gurus, Sages - you are ALL part of the same Source. Humans have simply forgotten. Resist not this message, and step fully now into the ENTIRETY OF YOUR EMPOWERMENT.

The world is awaiting your arrival.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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  1. Hi Ray and all the Masters, Gurus, Sages, and Archangels and all beings of light, I love you all. Some of you were even riding in my car home last night, I could feel the wings of Michael and Gabriel and well Jesus was on board also., along with the lion dog Milo Walker.

    People are actually starting to see my light and my soul, and well that is great cause I certainly have been dealing with with dumping out my own internal garbage, however there was a huge SHIFT this week.
    So thanks for the message, and Ray I will join your site again very soon. Finances and abundance were on restrictive hold while I cleaned up my internal debris field however more abundance flowing now.

    With love, gratitude, in All Ways and Always now we are One.
    Susan In Virginia (aka Mary of Magdeline previous incarnation) and the wonder dogs!

    1. Post

      Hi Susan. Of course people are starting to see your light, because you are… light! ;0)

      Keep up the great progress, and abundance is yours in no time.

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