THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/7/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Wayshowers, much is adrift it seems on the oceans of consciousness of late. If you are to not be pulled down by the strong undertow, please hear us. You must surrender to the ebb and flow of the on-goings in your world, without being tied to any of it. The name of the game is compassionate detachment.

The time has come for lightbearers to see and experience ALL as perfect, even if you do not understand the how's and the why's. Neither of them are required. In fact, you came to this dimension to transcend the belief that knowing is required. You came, too, to rise above the belief that you ARE the body. You are not.

Death is an illusion. There is no such thing. That is the highest truth. There is only birth, higher birth, re-birth and mastership. No more "monkeying around". The monkey mind, or negative ego, has kept you entrapped and ensnared in its clutches for far too long. You came to transcend it, and all the stories that it has been playing out for you.

In truth, the ego was created to keep you safe. The idea was to give you just enough of a "fear mechanism", that you would want to "survive". The plan for this was that it would keep you in a body, getting your lessons so you did not leave too soon before fulfilling your life's purpose(s).

But eventually, over much time, the negative ego became lulled into attaching to the material in the belief that it could, in fact, keep you safe and alive. Of course, this is nonsense. The only factual reality that every single human faces is certain death on the physical realm. Yet, humans have run from this certainty thinking in some way(s) that they could outsmart Divinity. Remember, this was the setup, people.

And YOU set it up.

Therefore, since you knew there would be a good chance that you might go so far down this rabbit hole of material attachment, you put plan B in place. Plan B was specifically that you would begin to see the material world deteriorate to the degree you would not want any part of it anymore unless it began to get cleansed by conscious humans. And with any real cleansing in your dimensional time and space, the water element is required. This is where you all get to become super-human.

The avatars, or spiritually mastered "Gods" that have embodied a human temple on your dimension as the mastered Teachers, who were capable of walking on water, all had one thing in common. They had mastered their emotions. They could rise above them. They did this by not buying into the mind-full dramas that the fear-based monkey mind loves to create about feelings.

Here's the thing though... negative stories are often containers for feelings the human vessel believes it is not yet ready to deal with. But because a story is "known" to the ego, it LOVES to create the stories. But it must stop if you are to "walk on water" also.

To walk on water in this dimensional time and space means to rise above the desire of the ego to create the stories and, instead, JUST be with the feelings. Feelings are beautiful. Even anger. You come here to feel them. It is the only dimension in which you can experience them in a physical temple in the ways that you currently do.

It is not the feelings that get you into trouble. It is the stories that you attach to them through projections onto others and situations you do not understand. But we are telling you that you needn't understand, and that yet ALL is perfect anyway. Not doing so is simply not trusting what we are telling you. But you must, and that will require the most resolute and absolute humble surrender.

You are simply here, on the planet at this time, to experience the ebb and flow without buying into it. If you can watch from afar as observer, acting only when you are absolutely moved to do so, your life will change forever as you, too, enter the Golden Age.

The Earth is entering this Age, and she will take you with her so long as you are willing to do the work. This requires you all to stop hurting one another, and to cease believing that others are hurting you. No one can do anything TO you, nor can they make you feel any certain way. You must first give your permission in some way. This means you all need to take ownership of your parts in this whole game so that personal responsibility is owned by and shared by ALL of the planet's inhabitants.

In your efforts to each accomplish this, you create for yourselves your own life vest and buoy that keeps you afloat amidst uncertain times. Failure to do so now will certainly pull toward you an untimely, unneeded ending. Instead, you can choose to let go of all the angst, anger and frustrations and let those patterns die out with the Age of Deception, known as the Kali Yuga.

Doing so will SURELY lead you to the land of a thousand Golden Suns that will reflect to you all your bright essences that directly correlate to your bright futures. But first you must buoy yourself on the tide, ride out the next 20 months, and land squarely on the finest sands in the land. You can do this. It is your destiny.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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  1. That is exactly how I feel. Like watching from afar. Question though: feels like a dense fog of energy lately. making one feel very fatigued. Many have mention this
    Any correlation to whats going on? Thank you for all tjhat you do.

    1. Post

      Hi Beverly. We must remember that everything is a mirror. So, yes, many have been mentioning this because many are now ready to either leave the planet due to what they think they are perceiving outside of them, OR they are making the decision to see the dense fog as self-created so they can clear it. There is nothing to fear here. The fact that we can finally see the fog is SUCH a blessing. What always happens after the fog? The sky clears, and the sun shines brightly… (i.e. “…land of a thousand Golden Suns…”). Best wishes and much love.

      ~ Ray

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