THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/11/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, beloveds. Today, our message for you is that you are the literal, breathing, incarnation of the Heart Chakra of Humanity. Please, take this in.

Who and what you are, as awakened, mindful beings, acting in unity consciousness, keeps love flowing and moving on the planet, despite what the planet sometimes looks like on the outside to others. Conscious, mindful hearts, connected in unison for service, know that voices and hands are to be used for words and actions that add to the silence, stillness and peace of the planet. 

Sometimes, the path of kindness, which should include compassion of the highest order, requires that you NOT share verbally all that you are and know. In fact, to keep everyone you are involved with, or in relation to, as safe as possible, you will often need to "blend in" until you are given a clear indication that sharing will in fact add to the silence. Knowing your environment actually IS the Path of Kindness. And knowing that who you are and the example you set energizes rooms, spaces, events, and people. Though you should not be who you are for this purpose, just know that who you are has this effect whether you are perceived to be received or not.

Not everyone will "receive" who you are in the same way. In truth, not everyone will be capable of receiving you AT ALL... until they are... in their own Divine Timing - in this lifetime or another. But the highest truth is that, either way, it is none of your concern when or why. Your only task, your only mission, is to be kind whether they get it or not.

But heed this message as well... being kind does not imply subjecting yourself to pain and discomfort to make things easier on or for others. In fact, choosing to not put yourself in those potentially uncomfortable situations might be the kindest thing you can do for all involved. Others do not need to know or understand this. You simply need to respect yourself and in so doing, you are showing them by example how to have self-compassion... even if they project their stories and untruths onto you. Consciously taking projection without attachment to it is one of the highest services you can ever do on the Earthly dimension. So be you with love for you, and let others love you too, or not. Just be kind.

Ultimately, only you know what the path of kindness means for you. But if you are being kind to you from a place of self-love, rather than from a space of attempting to inflict suffering on another, then you can rest assured that you are on the righteous path that ultimately will always lead you Home.

While it can get confusing, know this... your being, and the example it sets while being as conscious and mindful as you can is such a service. Your path to continually choose to do so no matter how difficult it seems at times, IS a tremendous piece of the Path of Kindness. Looking for opportunities to polish out your process out while doing so is the path to liberation.

We love you, and we love those choices in and from those deepest parts of you. Keep up the incredible service work.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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