THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/25/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


A day in the life of the Sun... hmmm. You may be finding that it shines brightest into dark crevices and recesses. Worry not, for this is quite the norm.

What we are attempting to say is this... during the solstice, depending on your individual positioning on the Earth as your own self-contained planetary system, you will either experience the sun being at its strongest or weakest. 

If it is at its strongest, you may find yourself uncovering new challenges, or new aspects of old ones. Hang in there, and remember nothing has come to hurt you, but rather to enlighten you. You may feel you are visiting old patterns thinking you have already done this, and why is this thing or these things showing up again. Keep in mind (ha ha!), the ego needs to feel safe to keep you safe. Therefore, it will tell you you have defeated aspects of yourself, even if there are still layers there to be dealt with. When the pattern re-arises, this is the time to say thank you and acknowledge you are going yet another level deeper. This will leave you feeling lighter, or enlightened, rather than resisting what comes for you.



Now, if the sun is at its weakest where you are positionally located within your self-contained planetary system, you may be visiting the shadow side of yourself. If so, you would be being shown aspects of you you may not like, and those aspects most probably are being shown to you through others who display the same characteristics. If that is happening, it is to show you yourself in the mirror. This is ALSO a time for GREAT acceptance, leading to WONDROUS shift IF and WHEN you ALLOW it.

If you are not yet seeing the theme here, it is actually very simple. The sun either shines onto your issues, or hides to show you that you cannot. It is the GREAT AWAKENER of truth, there to assist in your ascension. Therefore it helps you to unravel EVERYTHING you have placed in your way to remembering who you truly are.

So during this shuffle, regardless of what node, North or South, that you are closest to, know that you are CLOSEST TO THE TRUE SELF when you choose to allow your negative ego to detach from ANY belief other than this highest truth.

So, wayshowers, run no further. Duck not under any other rocks. Attempt not to hide any longer from the light of who you are. Allow the Sun in its infinite wisdom to either shine for you your truth, or to show you the mirror of your shadow in the darkness. Either way, turn toward you, face yourself in the mirror the Sun has created for you, and merge with the I AM. After all, YOU ARE everything.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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  1. Happy Solstice Daze Ray and Lights of the Sun/Son,

    Learning how to apply the teachings, actually use the teachings for what it is we hue-man light beings want to manifest, create is the work that never ends. Yet the Light that shown on a Solstice Ceremony today, after days of rain, made it crystal clear WE create what WE manifest.

    I love these BOLD WORDS from the Channel:


    The work never ends however the enjoyment and purpose of the work certainly shifts. We can turn our Genes on and off at will, and heal ourselves if that is what WE chose. WE create what WE chose.

    The work that never ends……….

    With so much love, and gratitude, and thanks for the Light, The Sun, the Christline, it is all coming to fruition WE all drew up in our contracts the last time WE came here to beautiful Mother Earth and Father Son.

    What are the Beatles’ songs…”Let the Sunshine In”, “Let it Be”, “All there is, is Love”, “Imagine”
    May they help us ride the waves of Summer Sun facing our joys and shadows with the Light coming from within and from without. WE are the Fire, WE are the Light, WE are ONE.

    Love All Sister Susan, aka’s, too many to name…

  2. Post

    Susan, as I sat down to work, I decided to respond to your message. I wasn’t consciously aware that I was going to do that next today, but then I heard it was time to respond to Susan. Before I decided to do so, I had “She’s Got a Ticket to Ride” stuck playing in my head for the last 20 minutes and I was not reading your comment earlier at all.

    As it stands currently, I had not been a major Beatles fan, as they were JUST before my time. However, recently I heard to begin to really “listen” to their music. Hmmm…

    Anyway, I wanted to note something amazing that I believe your subconscious wrote above:

    “The work never ends however the enjoyment and purpose of the work certainly shifts. We can turn our Genes on and off at will, and heal ourselves if that is what WE chose.”

    You wrote “chose”, rather than choose. I believe you “meant” choose (present tense). However, YOU (the bigger you – Higher Self) absolutely knows you chose this contract to awaken before you came back here. Well done. Keep on keeping on.

    Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~

    Ray & The Team

    1. HI Ray, Hi Susan,

      That is a great turn of words Susan wrote, and I love your “ticket to ride”, Ray. My life right know is a synthesis of those thoughts, and I definitely ‘chose’, and will continue to ‘choose’. And it is my heritage that I am turning off and on, at (free) will. This is so much fun!

      1. Post

        Hi Brenda,

        Yes, we so chose it, and must choose to continue to choose it. Love the free will bit – very true in the context you put it in as well.

        Wishing you safe, loving journeys in this dimension and in the in-betweens.

        Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~


  3. Dear Ray, The 100 Brenda?, and All,

    Susan here, Ray I read your response the other day and well, was not sure how to respond.
    Interesting when I went back to read today what exactly I wrote…….. I wrote chose twice “…..if that is what WE chose. WE create what WE chose”

    So…… WE chose this NOW and WE will continue to choose, at free will as the 100 states, to deal with what WE chose before, the contract made before WE forgot, that WE would remember, that we CHOSE to create this ALL, so WE can remember NOW, that WE are completely capable of manifesting what WE choose.

    I am confident WE all will choose love, peace, truth, non-violence, and correct action, for ALL. It is so needed NOW.

    What a week WE choose, now why did WE make these choices and what is the goal?! To shine the light into our own shadows currently reflected in events in the US and the World……… the missing 13 in Thailand will be found soon in the caves, alive will be GREAT, WE all need a miracle right NOW.

    Susan and the great four-legged dogs and deer at Camp Hickory Creek Virginia

  4. One more note, it is now July 1st, and so much has happened this week, I chose to go back and review the Channel of the Week from Ray and his Guides, and The Weekly Cosmic Consciousness, which is all about what we chose, and what we will choose. If you get the chance revisit Christine’s weekly words, it is all so amazing in hindsight, thank-you Christine!

    It may be a new month, and nearing the end of a crazy wormhole week, however the week has not yet ended in the US,,,,,,,,,I know I was still for the download or upload for several days as I did my best to choose LOVE whenever fear reared it’s head, too often for me this week.

    Yet the reboot has begun yet again, and I am ready with more LOVE to continue to clear my debris. AWAKE AWAKE AWAKE……..

    Life is A MAZE IN which WE choose to be lost and found yet again!

    Sister Susan

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