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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


When you choose to observe, and we mean really observe - without prejudice - the Universe opens to you in ways you perhaps once thought not possible. We would like to show you what observance looks like, and how it equates to presence, rather than drama.

Recently, events in your world brought heightened attention to Thailand where 12 young boys, aged 11-16, were trapped in a cave approximately half to three-quarters of a mile underground. They were trapped by water due to a sudden rain storm that occurred quite suddenly during Thailand's rainy season. These boys were led by their junior soccer coach for a team-building exercise. They did not realize they would be led on a massive life lesson that would captivate the world, and they did not realize why it would captivate the world. So let us shed some light. 

As you most probably already know, the focus of the great scriptures of every major world religion is to unveil mysteries of the Universe through metaphor and (often "hidden") high teachings. The more trained the spiritual aspirant, the greater the depth of knowledge can be ascertained by their spiritually hungry reading eyes.

In the case of the Thai cave expedition and rescue, there are many metaphors that the focused, observing eye (third eye) can see when still enough. The facts were perhaps obvious in a Three Dimensional world - all those trapped, and the majority of those directly part of the rescue mission, were males. The majority of the males were young in age. They were trapped by water, and there was no way out but through the water. All were captivated by news outlets on mobile devices and TV's... The masses had no idea they were being downloaded with consciousness ON a mass scale, because perhaps they could not see the greater truth through their three-dimensional lenses.

Yet, from a Fifth-Dimensional observer's perch of love, there were many opportunities for deep impact... pun intended. Firstly, all eyes were on the children - thank God. They represent your future. That they were all young boys, soon to be men, was no mistake. That they were led by their junior coach, a "former" buddhist monk, into the cave was the perfect setup, for it was meditation that saved their lives - meditation that their young coach taught them while trapped on a small ledge. Looming possibly even larger was the fact that these males were trapped by water, which represents emotion.

You see, Mother Earth, in Her infinite intuitive knowledge, knew the precise timing these boys would be entering the cave. She also knew how much water would be required to trap them far enough that only non-panic and meditation led by their "inner cave teacher (yogi)" could save them. She was about to teach the world that men repressing their emotions, which leads to the continual repression of the Divine Feminine, will no longer work. Mother Earth was attempting to show that the only way to worldly peace and human growth is through your emotions. And so the boys would have to learn to "Scuba Dive" literally to save their lives.

Let us not forget, too, that a man lost his life diving to save the lives of children. They are SO worth it, and he will have a higher incarnation for his devoted service, as he transitioned while serving and sacrificing to the highest degree.

You see, there are no mistakes. And we have said this for so long, and we will continue to repeat it forevermore... "What you focus on determines your reality." If you are focusing on the drama of it all, it will sweep you away in your emotions, like a monsoon. If, however, you are devoted to the observer's perch, and focusing on working on your triggers, rooting out your emotions, and becoming more and more present, you will prevail, and you will prevail highly.

It has come to our attention that only a select handful of you are aware that Mother Earth is literally losing her water. She, and you, cannot survive without it. Yet she used quite a bit of it to make a point with these young men... you MUST feel your emotions as humans, for that is why you are here. Tribal elders are literally attempting to teach Westerners the world over how important the resurgence of the water element on the planet is and will be for the children of the future, and the future of your beautiful planet.

You have come here to master the emotions to a degree. You have come here to this dimension once more to see if you can "get it" - that EVERY feeling in our temples (your bodies) is a GIFT! Anger is your friend when you allow it to give you its deeper messages. Resist not its surge, for you will overcome your water element (emotion) with fire (more anger), and eventually combust before the dawning of the New Golden Age. Instead, let go by ALLOWING it to move THROUGH you. Anger is not the truth of you. It simply has a message. And you came to listen.

We suggest that you focus on listening. And, to do so, we suggest you focus on being as present as possible... seeing the bigger pictures, and "growing up" (ascending) in your consciousness. We absolutely support you in your endeavors, and we will give you every tool as you need it, if only you will be present enough with your choice of focus to ask us.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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  1. Hello Ray and Beings of High Light,

    The boys and coach spoke with the press today, and I believe some are heading home to their families.

    Many deep hidden messages for all the World in this event. I felt as though Mother earth was holding the boys and yogi coach, the 13, in her womb, until Divine Timing was precise to allow the group to be birthed out of the flooded, water-filled, emotion driven, birth canal of the cave.

    Another great message, so obvious with the boys, was that they never gave up hope. I heard this from the news release today. The boys knew someone would see their bikes and come for them, and with the guidance and meditative force of their coach, they were able to hold the light and hope without panic.

    So much to learn from this lesson. I have been getting myself stuck in a few caves lately, and well, I should know better, but went into fear rather than mediation. Only love will get me back out into the light of day again.

    I ask your assistance in helping me stay meditatively in love, while I too hold hope and if need be await rescue. I did not want to ask fro your assistance, however that goes against all my teachings, and all my great teachers, Like Ray, have taught me.

    A HUGE big black bear came on my deck tonight while myself and the dogs were inside. All the other outdoor animals, my cats, the birds, the squirrels, all cleared out moments before the Bear arrived, not once, or twice, but three times. In Native American lore the Bear is the protector of the people and holds great medicine. Moments before the other animals scattered I was told to close the thick, old, double-tempered sliding glass doors, which I did.

    So it is okay to ask for help when needed, most important is to hold the hope, meditate and stay in LOVE not fear.

    Thank-you for all the recent lessons, and saving the boys. I know the man who lost his life was moving to a higher incarnation, up there in the Bardo, probably not a long stay.

    With much love and gratitude,

    1. Post

      Hi Susan,

      Well done on spotting the messages in your life. And the bear is no different. He is protecting “the people” inside your home… that’s you!

      Keep on keeping on, love you, and the rest will come. Trust and trust again. Be strong in your faith, and let it tell you what is real and what is illusion. You do not come in with the material, and you do not leave with it. Attach not to it while here, and then it can just come in and leave as needed, and you will always have what you need.

      Ever Awakening, Always LOVE & LoveLoveLove,

      Ray & Friends

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