THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/2/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


What you perceive you achieve. What you focus on the most you attract toward you. What you believe you are seeing in the mirror is correct, until it the next level, and the next and so on.

Caretakers of the Earth, we greet you in this way because you ARE the light that will need to shine for the planet Earth and Her inhabitants to remember who they are, so that all may do their parts. Right now, many of you are clearing not just for yourselves but for many who are not yet awake. You do not knowingly do this for "them", as you contracted to do this to clear your own karma. It so happens that they benefit from your service to humanity. 

However, please hear us now. If you think you are suffering, then you are. If you believe you are in pain, then so it is. If you believe you are transcending karma then you are. If you believe you are pouring through old patterns to get back to your soul star seed truth, then you are. Hopefully you understand. You are living what you believe to be reality, and whatever you believe it to be, it is. You create it.

Having said this, "pouring through old patterns to get back to your soul star seed truth" is precisely what you are doing here and why you took "hue-man" contracts again as your overarching blueprint. This is true, in essence, for all light-bearers gracing your planet at this time. You have come to clear your planet's human karma, so that you may perhaps embody a body (vessel) at some time in the near future (this lifetime or another) that is free from most karmas and traumas, so that you may experience the experience experiencing mostly love, rather than mostly distraction.

Imagine this for a moment... you are actually a planet yourself... in your own solar system. Stop us if you have heard this one... no? That is because this is NOT a joke. You ARE actually a planet within your own solar system that has its own star systems. Now, while that may be a bit much to take in on the human level, remember, you are here to transcend that and to remember your WHOLE truth - you know, the whole star seed, planet thingy.

We are talking and acting like you to show you, we ARE you and you ARE us. You have forgotten. But YOU remember. And that is the part of you we are speaking to... the BIG YOU. That aspect is in there, and we are calling out to it, attempting to awaken it like a homing beacon now. To do so, for you to really remember who YOU are, you must also remember to keep your focus on the positive. Stay out of fear. It is NOT the truth. It is simply there to test you.

When you think you cannot reign it back in to the positive, then choose to surrender all actions to the greater cause. The bottom line is that you are going to get there one way or another. Kicking and screaming is the tough way. Surrendering the path of service. You might not be able to do it in a moment for you, but can you do it for God, the Universe or the over-presiding "BIGGER PICTURE"?

We actually already know you can do this. It has already been prophesied and, in "no time", it has already happened. We are already looking at the positive outcome. You just need to ground in "in time and space" what the Cosmos already knows to have occurred in Divine Time. Therefore, you need to focus your perception on what you HAVE already achieved, rather than choosing to perceive shortcomings. In that reality, you have already won the game, and we are already celebrating your transcendence.

Stay with it. Read this message many times. You are doing great work. You need only believe in your light as a small fraction of a percentage of how much we do.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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  1. Hi Ray and All,

    Positivity and/or complete surrender? Hmm………. I am fully capable and my true hue Light Essence is soo much bigger and encompassing than my body. I feel like I am crawling out of my skin yet again, I know the feeling well. I believe WE all are solar systems.

    Ok-onward into the week, maybe after some sleep, which seems so difficult these nights.

    With Love and Gratitude Always in All Ways,

  2. Here is am amazing video, may have to cut and paste link,
    from Nature Science, 2014, It is of Laniakea, “immeasurable heaven” super cluster in which our galaxy the Milky Way, and our Mother Earth, are clearly connected in the cosmic flow. Not sure if any of you reading this channel have viewed the video, it changed my perception of myself, years ago, and I felt it relevant to the channel “you are actually a planet yourself… your own solar system” and that “You are living what you believe to be reality, and whatever you believe it to be, it is.You create it.”

    There resides so much hidden power in these words and channel, and I felt the need to share the video………

    So let’s get the found 13 out of the cave in Thailand, by creating the rescue, and keep the rains at bay.

    As we celebrate our freedom in the USA, let us not forget those whom are not yet free, and awake…………………………..

    With love, hope, trust in trust, and faith in faith,

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