THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/23/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, All. There has been much talk of late on the planet in a handful of different circles from science, to new-age thinkers, to ancient tribes-people and their leaders about Mother Earth and her water element, after Her fires had been the story for months (California, Hawaii, and the like).

There have now been stories of boys (planet's future men) trapped in caves (self-explanatory on many levels) by water (the element of emotion), fatal flooding, and stormy seasons arriving with a vengeance. So what is the message? 

Well, to be quite clear, humanity as a whole is being asked to go with the flow, and allow the uncoverings of nature to continue until Mother Nature is complete with her messages. You are all being asked to learn to exist IN the ebb and flow of Her movements, as she plants seeds of consciousness in the minds of the masses through subtle, if not subliminal, metaphor. And she must.

You see, for too long humanity has ignored the messages. Much of this was due largely because mankind had become so ignorant to its Nature that is much like Mother Nature, that you ignored what you became ignorant to. Now that the planet's inhabitants are awakening in mass to higher truths and the Western World is becoming attuned again to more subtle treats, like yoga, energy healing, acupuncture, and the like, the nadis in the human vessel are beginning to remember its truth.

Think on the word vessel for a moment. Vessels can fly, float on water, travel on rails, and so on. Why? Because they "take beings from one place to another". Your human vessel is no different. Made mostly of water, you are all being asked now to rise above the emotional element of water, cease your reactions, re-wire your neural pathways, and exist in harmony with one another... in your towns, cities, countries, and on your planet.

However, this cannot be accomplished without becoming more awake and aware of how your actions, YOUR actions, are impacting those around you. You must be willing to take full responsibility for your actions at all times. This does not mean to sit there and beat yourselves up when you perhaps realize the negative impact of your actions or non-actions. No.

Instead, you are simply being asked to re-direct or re-steer your ship on the open waters of consciousness that are awakening you once more to your importance as a conscious creator. As such, you can begin again to navigate the channels that are bringing you from one level of consciousness to another, and eventually to the realization of just how beautiful being human for a time agin truly is. Then, allow that to undergird your future actions of love, bringing truth and peace through right action with non-violence.

Believe it or not, you are all moving there sure-footedly. How quickly you are able to do so, and whether you can accomplish this task prior to Mother Earth's full ascension, is all up to how willing you are to ride the tides of consciousness without creating dramatic stories about what it all means. Rather, connect into to your heart to find the true beauty of it all, and the Gods will show you your inner Magellan.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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