THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/30/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, Friends! Today we wish to remind you about the power of your thoughts. But first, let us say that quantum theory is not theory at all. It is who and what you are. You ARE quantum energy incarnate. You are God's thoughts in a human vessel, having a completely unique experience from EVERY other being God has thought up in God's infinite store-house of creative influence. 

So now allow us to remind you, too, that where we come to you from today is high above the highest peak of your Earth-bound mountains, high above worldly dramas, and most definitely higher than your limited Earth-plane thinking. Our Etheric Retreats encapsulate the WHOLE of your Earth, and are not something your human mind can readily understand or strategically analyze. But, in short, we are saying the Earth is but a spec of dust in our experience of the Grand Show. We are living much higher than limitations would ever allow.

We do not live from limitation, but rather we live IN expansion. We do not KNOW every next step and how God-consciousness will have it unfold, but we live IN trust. The ONE thing we do KNOW is that ALL IS PERFECT, and we live FROM this space. You have lived from this space too, yet you forget because your human bodies and brains have been limited in their capacities to connect to the all-knowing wonder of it all. But... you have come this lifetime to transcend limitations of the body, and to rise above the mind into spirit WHILE IN a body.

What you have come to do on this realm is quite a feat actually. Given you live in duality, but you have come to rise above it. To do this fully, you must begin to live in quantum fifth dimensional realities that rest not upon the laurels of strategic linear thinking, but rather on a harmonious frequency where the quantum mind (the expanse of ALL consciousness) mixed with your human heart, bridge the gap of human limitation, connecting your traveling vessels back to the Mother Ship.

When the human mind begins to release its human grasp on "human" back to its true creative Source, a beautiful surrender back to your Divine Nature begins to once again take hold. This is when the fruits of your human world pale in comparison to the known Source of those fruit trees. When this occurs, this unleashes a power within the conscious human to create IN this world FROM another, thus the expression "living the higher life".

At this stage in your evolution, you should be beginning to understand the difference, for example, between purchasing a material item from a limited bank account, and instead, prior to your purchase, feeling that account swell in growth from something much greater than perceived income from an employer. Your ONLY employer is God, Source, Life Force Energy, or whatever you would like to call that which sustains you and keeps you breathing in a body.

If you have had an experience like the one we speak of above, you are beginning to shift into Quantum Existence. To maintain that form of living on the Earth dimension, you need only to continue to choose higher living. This entails only to choose to see all that is happening as occurring from a higher plane than simple interaction and dramatic unfoldings. Rather, you need to see every breath you have on this dimension as a grace, and one in which you can choose to feel loved beyond measure.

The higher the frequency of your thoughts, the higher the power of magnetism toward your vessel OF those thoughts. Where you put your focus determines your experience of reality because it literally determines what you draw toward you. Remember, you are in the world, but you are not of it. So if you could, instead, pull your thoughts and feelings from where you are Sourced, rather than from the limited Earth plane, you would have a COMPLETELY different experience on the Earth plane.

And, by the way, no need to worry if you are not understanding all that we are transmitting today. That is the point. You are not supposed to. And, if you are getting some but not all of it, perfect. That is precisely where you wanted to be at this stage when you set this all up for yourself. So, rather than potentially focusing on "not getting it", how about you accept without full understanding that you have already moved beyond where you once were, and that is so worth celebrating! So high praise to you from us for your opting for Higher Living.
With so much love in our hearts for you,


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