THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/9/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Cosmic Greetings, our carriers of light on Earth. Today we carry with us in our travels a message of "waiting and wanting", as well as a reminder of why you are here.

First, you are here to experience the experience of having an experience of the experience. Believe us, you are not confused though you may temporarily believe that you are. In essence, you are here to experience being here. That includes waiting, wanting, and working toward a more peaceful, loving, and wholistic experience.

We understand that waiting can seem as though it can become disheartening, discouraging, or even pointless. We assure you, this is not the truth, or even close to it. In truth, you must want what you have to get what you want. Gratitude is what is literally going to save your planet, and the future of the Solar System. But humans, in their individual hues, play a crucial role in that endeavor. Therefore, we are saying there is so much more happening than what you think you perceive and for many, many reasons.

Patience is not only a virtue, but a karmic lesson humans must learn in order to ascend properly. This is one of the nearly countless reasons humans must continuously come back to Earth over and over again. As humans, you experience more experiences to gradually grow your humanness back to the Source Spirits, even star seeds, that you actually are. Eventually, you get an opportunity to come back here as the enlightened beings you are in a body to understand what the experience could have been like all of the other times you incarnated, worried, focused on fear and materialism, and bought into Social Consciousness, rather than Spiritual Truth while in a body.

So you are here... waiting. You are literally waiting for enlightenment, WHILE you believe nothing is happening. Yet, all of your experiences ARE happening, and they are quite literally part of the enlightenment process. If you could find gratitude for that, you would feel like you are reaching a destination more quickly.The reason? Then, every experience which provides an opportunity for gratitude would feel like an accomplishment to your human self. This would lead you to feel in your consciousness that you are forever moving forward, learning and growing. It is a trick of the dualistic ego that allows you to rise above the human-based emotion of fear, which is not real nor is it the truth.

All of this is to say, while you may "think" you are waiting on some higher purpose to present itself in your life, instead perhaps you should consider your purpose is to drop out of the thinking mind into the heart and accept where you are and how far you have already come. That might just be all the purposeful shift you need. To do so is simple. Just put your dominant hand over your heart, find your breath, perceive us however your heart then shows us to you, and KNOW THAT IS THE TRUTH.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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