THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/17/17

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channeloftheweekTHE COMPASS THAT MATTERS -

By now, you would most probably have figured out that the only compass that matters is the internal one. In the 5D world you have either stepped fully into, or at least are now dabbling in, the heart is what wins out... every time. It is the very thing that leads you through the war with the ego, and directly into the promised land of self-discovery, paving the way for boundless creations, when you limit not from knowing, and expand, expand, expand into the unmanifest dark matter that becomes whatever you want and need it to be.


5D is the dimensionless, the unlimited, the unbounded. Though it is a dimension as we refer to it, it is where the complete unknown meets the known (to you) world so that you may see your creations manifest. Why? Because Fifth (5th) Dimensional existence is about the heart and the heart knows no bounds... truly. Reflect on that for just a moment. What if the brain, in its limited scope, could grasp even for a second what true boundlessness might feel like? It would probably implode, giving way, then, completely to your heart. Oh my! What then?

You see, 5D demands that you let go of all fear.  Practicality is the science behind all fear. It is the pragmatic form of denial that you are not still some way(s) in fear. The brain uses this as a coping mechanism, or should we say the brain formerly used this as a coping mechanism. What many of you are experiencing now is a "weening off of the brain energy" that has had you trapped inside worlds of limited creation. Instead, your light is nearly busting at the seams attempting to show you your potential.

It is no mistake that the wellness industry in mainstream society is taking off. It is what the collective knows it needs. This is due, in part, to a broken system that has many believing they are broken individuals. We say "in part" because what the collective suffers from, the collective has created. So the wellness boom is the collective's fix for the broken system the collective created. But, in addition, Divine Timing is playing a tremendous role in the hand society is dealing itself now. Therefore, when you take Divine Timing, with the Divine Atomic Clocks within each of you readying itself for Great Transformation, you have Manifest Destiny - otherwise known as humanity waking up on a mass scale.

In this great wake-up, or shake up, the ego will lose. It must. For in order for something complete in its full truth and glory to birth, old, limiting belief systems must be struck from the purview of collective consciousness. When this occurs, only the heart can lead the charge to the promised land. And this makes sense because the heart is not limited.

So, if you find yourselves going through a bit of a blood-letting with old systems, old patterns, old beliefs and even old relationships, fear not! This is the Great Purge we have been speaking of. Remember, the body is temporary, yet God-consciousness has given you the pineal gland in that body. This connects you back to Source. In fact, your meditations open the Great Compass that is the heart, which leads you from confusion toward the North Node (pineal), thereby taking you once more to the only compass that matters in your new world.

So grab a seat, hold tight, and allow the exhilaration of the seeming roller coaster of consciousness to bring you directly to your destiny through trust. It has gotten you this far, so why doubt it now?

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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