THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/6/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, travelers. That is what you are you know - travelers. You are not from here and you must cease believing anything different. If you are not from here, and you came here with nothing from this plane, what do you then expect to “take” with you? In order for you to shift your paradigm, you need only tilt your perspective and look through another eye. To this end, something in your present paradigm MUST end. But that is just it... when you choose to tilt your focus, you have ALREADY moved on. Can you see the beauty in this?

From this "moving on" and ending occurs, and something new births - all from a choice. So as we deliver this message, we also say to you that you MUST NOW tilt your focus ever so slightly. This does not require much effort or work. However, it does require diligence and a discerning eye at the ready for energy that can get caught in the Higgs Field as it attempt to deter you from your path and your true nature.

The Higgs Field has purpose as it gives mass to particles that pass through it, which eventually slow from the speed of light, thus giving material consequence to the attracted particles. However, the game at end that you are to be playing is to see past the illusion of mass, and to again allow your consciousness to travel at the speed of light, though your vessels traverse this plane at the speed of mass, slowed by the Higgs Effect.

Your mission is to tilt your focus from the belief that you ARE mass, and instead re-align with the truth that you ARE light. To this end, consciousness can move through you at light speed, bringing you forever to higher and higher realms as light continuously learns about itself and spreads. In this way, light thereby sheds layers of darkness, uncovering more and more truth about the ultimate nature and structure of the Universe.

Can you imagine if you knew and embodied the true nature and structure of the Universe?

They say to know one's self, the self fully embodies this truth and becomes its known makeup. So, by deduction, this would then mean that you would become your own Universe... all from tilting your focus.

Therefore, the objective is clear by choice. Allow yourself to become fully immersed in the material world, slowed by the Higgs Field, or re-ignite your truth from within that you ARE light, and only slowed when you choose to give material mass (attention) to negligible "things". Decide, then, where to place your focus, and there you will remember again that you become the traveler at the speed of your choices.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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