Cosmic 101 – The Aspects

wheel-diagram-aspectsIn 1 six week series recorded in 2012, Stephanie Azaria covers the aspects and their new 5D meaning.

Each 90 minute class covers the aspect and a discussion about the aspect within a sample chart. Sample charts will be included in a compressed file sent along with the audio file for your reference.

Audio files are in MP3 format, suitable for iTunes and other audio playing software.


Cosmic 101 Series 5 - The Aspects

In this series, the aspects are discussed as relationships, from the 5D perspective.
ENTIRE 6 CLASS SERIES11/28/2012[add_to_cart id="33164"]
Class 1: CONJUNCTIONSThe experience of Oneness.10/24/2012[add_to_cart id="33151"]
Class 2: SQUARESThe experience of growth.10//31/2012[add_to_cart id="33152"]
Class 3: POLARITYThe experience of the mirror.11/7/2012[add_to_cart id="33154"]
Class 4: TRINES+KITESThe experience of flow.11/14/2012[add_to_cart id="33157"]
Class 5: INCONJUNCTS+FINGER OF GODThe experience of adjustment and conscious choice.11/22/2012[add_to_cart id="33159"]
Class 6: KARMIC ASPECTSThe experience of evolution. 11/28/2012[add_to_cart id="33161"]