Cosmic 101 – The Planets

wheel-diagram-planetsIn 2 six week series recorded in 2012, Stephanie Azaria covers the main planetary bodies in our solar system and their new 5D meaning as the archetypal energies we all contain within. She also devotes 1 class to the significance of the 4 newest planets - Eris, Sedna, Vesta, and Ceres.

Classes are 90 minutes. Files are in MP3 format, suitable for iTunes and other audio playing software.

Listen to a sample of Class 1: THE SUN by clicking below:

Cosmic 101 Series 3 - The Planets

In this series, the Lights and the rulers of the four lower bodies are covered. Ground-breaking information regarding new planets is covered in class 6.
ENTIRE 6 CLASS SERIES8/15/2012[add_to_cart id="33134"]
Class 1: The SUNThe Sun as the Son. 7/11/2012[add_to_cart id="33122"]
Class 2: The MOONThe Moon as your spiritual body ruler. 7/18/2012[add_to_cart id="33124"]
Class 3: MERCURYRuler of the mental body.8/1/2012[add_to_cart id="33126"]
Class 4: VENUSRuler of the emotional body.8/8/2012[add_to_cart id="33128"]
Class 5: MARSRuler of the physical body.8/13/2012[add_to_cart id="33130"]
Class 6: FOUR NEW PLANETSIntegrating the divine feminine and beyond.8/15/2012[add_to_cart id="33132"]

Cosmic 101 Series 4 - The Planets continued

In this series, the planets that dispose social consciousness and higher consciousness are covered.
ENTIRE 6 CLASS SERIES 10/10/2012[add_to_cart id="33149"]
Class 1: JUPITERThe relationship between Jupiter and Saturn is introduced. This dispositor of social consciousness is key to one's "becoming." 9/5/2012[add_to_cart id="33137"]
Class 2: SATURNDispositor of social consciousness and inner authority - the Inner Guru.9/12/2012[add_to_cart id="33139"]
Class 3: CHIRONThe rainbow bridge, Chiron is the Master Healer Teacher.9/19/2012[add_to_cart id="33141"]
Class 4: URANUSThe Great Awakener9/25/2012[add_to_cart id="33143"]
Class 5: NEPTUNEEnlightenment10/3/2012[add_to_cart id="33145"]
Class 6: PLUTOThe Gatekeeper 10/10/2012[add_to_cart id="33147"]