Cosmic 101 – The Signs

wheel-diagram-signsIn 2 six week series recorded in 2012, Stephanie Azaria covers all 12 signs and expounds on their new 5D meaning.

Each 90 minute class covers one, (or one and a half), signs according to the layout of the cosmic clock.

Files are in MP3 format, suitable for iTunes and other audio playing software.

Cosmic 101 Series 1 - The Signs

Stephanie Azaria presents the ground-breaking work of Cosmic Consciousness in detail. The first series focuses on the signs of Cosmic Consciousness. Download each class individually or buy the entire series.
ENTIRE 6 CLASS SERIESAn overview of the system including the signs Capricorn through Gemini.5/2/2012[add_to_cart id="33103"]
Class 1: OVERVIEWHow Cosmic Consciousness works. 3/28/2012[add_to_cart id="33089"]
Class 2: CAPRICORNFrom the goat to the Executive Director.4/4/2012[add_to_cart id="33092"]
Class 3: AQUARIUSFrom the water bearer to the Great Awakener.4/11/2012[add_to_cart id="33095"]
Class 4: PISCES/ARIESFrom the fish to the Ocean and from the ram to the Divine Spark of Creation.4/18/2012[add_to_cart id="33097"]
Class 5: ARIES/TAURUSAries continued and Taurus from the bull to the Tree of Life.4/25/2012[add_to_cart id="33099"]
Class 6: GEMINIFrom the twins to the Diamond.5/2/2012[add_to_cart id="33101"]

Cosmic 101 Series 2 - The Signs continued

Stephanie Azaria continues with the signs and their upgraded, 5D meaning.
ENTIRE 6 CLASS SERIESThe signs Cancer through Sagittarius6/19/2012[add_to_cart id="33118"]
Class 1: CANCERFrom the crab to The Mother. 5/9/2012[add_to_cart id="33105"]
Class 2: LEOFrom the lion to the Life Force.5/16/2012[add_to_cart id="33108"]
Class 3: VIRGOFrom the virgin to the Master Healer Teacher.5/23/2012[add_to_cart id="33110"]
Class 4: LIBRAFrom the scales to the Mirrored Self.5/30/2012[add_to_cart id="33112"]
Class 5: SCORPIOFrom the scorpion, phoenix and eagle to the Alchemist.6/6/2012[add_to_cart id="33114"]
Class 6: SAGITTARIUSFrom the archer to the Truth Seeker.6/19/2012[add_to_cart id="33116"]