• Masculine (electric spontaneous and expressive)
• Driven by Spirit and Enthusiasm
Aries • Leo • Sagittarius

• Feminine (magnetic, sensitive and receptive)
• Driven by physical sensation and Practicality
Taurus • Virgo • Capricorn

• Masculine (electric changeable and expressive)
• Driven by intellect and social impulses
Gemini • Libra • Aquarius

• Feminine (magnetic intuitive and responsive)
• Driven by Feelings and Intuitive or Psychic Urges
Cancer • Scorpio • Pisces

Astrologically, the four elements represent the possible ways in which reality is expressed through the collective consciousness. The 12 signs, each one with its own particular essence, are grouped according to these elements into the four types of experience that are accessible on this planet. These are Spiritual (Fire), Physical (Earth), Mental (Air), and Emotional (Water). Throughout the history of mythology and mysticism, this same fourfold division of reality is found. The Four elements represent the unifying force of human perception, by revealing the ways in which so many different people can share life in a consistent manner.
These four elements can be further viewed as two pairs of polar opposites: Spirit and Body, and Mind and Emotions. Each of us contains a little of each of these elements in our make-up, sometimes very evenly, sometimes with one or two more dominant than the others. In some cases, there is a total lack of a particular element. When one element is in abundance, the individual functions best according to that dimension of reality, and its opposite element tends to be a 'blind spot', representing an undeveloped part of the self.
When this occurs, or when one element is completely lacking, there is a great need to fill one's experience with people who represent the missing elemental energy. For example, a person born with a predominance of water signs (feelings) may "feel" their way through life, and lack the capacity to think things through, or to be logical about what they are doing, lacking the intellectual capacities of the air element. Or a person born with an abundance of earth signs (physical sensation and pragmatism) may be profoundly realistic and literal, lacking the intuitive capacities of the Fire element.
According to centuries of astrological interpretation, people who are made up of similar elemental energies connect well with each other and view life in the same way. In addition, there is said to be great compatibility between the Air and Fire signs, and the Earth and Water signs. But when it comes to erotic attraction, or ANY attraction for that matter, opposites are the most compelling combination, and they almost always make for the most fireworks. In many instances, opposites are irresistable; because we are unconsciously drawn to whatever we are not, seeking to complete ourselves in the most primal of ways