Every astrology chart is broken down into twelve Houses, each one representing a specific area of our life experience. The House placement of any planet is as important as the sign it is in, as well as the aspects it makes with other planets.

1st House: Physical Appearance; Personality; Point of Greatest Self-awareness
2nd House: What You Have; Possessions; State of Material Affairs; Value System; Moral Code
3rd House: What You Know; Local Environment; Siblings; Learning; Community; Neighbors; TV and Radio; Local Travel
4th House: Domestic Environment; Emotional Roots; The Nurturing Parent; Early Years; Ancestry
5th House: Children; Creative Expression; Romance; Adventure; Speculation
6th House: Work; Service; Health; Self-adjustment; Alignment of Mind; Heart, Body and Soul
7th House: Relationship; Marriage; Open Enemies; Business Partners; All Significant One-on-One Interaction
8th House: What You Share With Others; Intimacy; Sex; Deep Inner Change; Psychological Awareness; The Metaphysical Awareness; Rebirth
9th House: Cultural Experience; Law; Philosophy; Religion; Higher Consciousness; Spirituality; Higher Learning; Travel Abroad
10th House: Status in the World; Life Goals; Authority; The dominant Parent; Career
11th House: Group Affiliations; Aspirations; Collective Consciousness; Humanitarian Pursuits; Friends; Business Connections
12th House: The Past; Secrets; The Unconscious, Bother Personal and Collective; Sub-conscious Motivation; Hidden Enemies; Self-undoing; Dreams; The Psychic Realm

There are various ways of breaking down the meaning of the Houses:
The Houses have Qualities, just as the signs do. The Qualities determine the kind of experience that House provides.

The Angular: first, fourth, seventh and tenth Houses.
These four Houses carry more emphasis than the others, as a general rule, because their influence is more dynamic on the life. Many planets in one or more of these Houses signify a very vibrant, forceful, energetic type of individual.

The Succedent: second, fifth, eighth and eleventh Houses.
These Houses represent the areas of our life where we find stability and make our dreams manifest. A horoscope with an emphasis of planets in one or more of these Houses signifies an individual who is strong, persistent and reliable.

The Cadent:
third, sixth, ninth and twelfth Houses.
These Houses represent the areas of our lives where things are broken down in preparation for change. A chart with many cadent planetary placements indicates a person who is very creative, adaptable and versatile.

The Houses can also be broken down into quadrants:

The First Quadrant:
first, second and third Houses.
The first three Houses relate to the subjective experience of the Self alone.

The Second Quadrant: fourth, fifth and sixth Houses.
The second three Houses relate to the experience of adjusting to others.

The Third Quadrant: seventh, eighth and ninth Houses
The third three Houses relate to the overall social experience.

The Fourth Quadrant: tenth, eleventh and twelfth Houses
The fourth three Houses relate to the universal experience of life.

The Houses represent a very dynamic part of astrological interpretation. The Planets each represent a particular energy or a psychological urge, the Signs symbolize the ways in which these energies are focused or utilized, and the Houses represent the areas in our lives where these focused energies are expressed. Each of these factors of astrological analysis is as relevant as the other, and without any one of these features, an accurate understanding would not be possible.