In Cosmic Astrology the entire universe is seen to be projected from your individual quantum energy field. Reality has never really been ‘out there,’ it is all contained within your being. Everyone experiences the universe differently, because each of us is generating the cosmos from within our own consciousness. The cosmos is the reflection of your spiritual body, and its vastness reveals the truth about your higher Self, which is that the spiritual Self is the greatest aspect of your existence.

The PLANETS in the solar (soular) system are actually projections of the archetypal energies that each and every human being contains within our personal energy field. We are all working with the same archetypes, but we experience them and utilize their energies differently because each person expresses a slightly different aspect of the Oneness. Consciousness and karmic circumstances make you the individual you are.

According to Cosmic Astrology, the planets contained within the soular system are expressions of the universal forces that make up your being. As a 5D human you have awakened to the fact that you are not being run by the fear based mind, as the 3D consciousness believes, but you can associate with the higher mind, and recognize that all the major archetypes are being expressed by everyone. Individual differences no longer generate separation and competition consciousness, but instead are honored and valued as valid expressions of the Oneness

The soular system itself is an exquisite representation of the Oneness you express. The Sun in the center is the generator of your consciousness. The Sun is a collective projection of the Son, a.k.a. higher (Christ) consciousness. It is the central archetypal force around which everything else exists. When you begin to realize this Truth, the sense of separation and the fear-based reactions that are generated by that belief begin to lose their grip on your consciousness. The Moon, as the planet’s single ambassador to the rest of the soular system, adds the element of subconscious, sentient connection to all of your experience.