Mars in your birth chart points to the way you express your energy and whether or not you are aggressive, assertive, or physically active. It relates to the ways in which you show your anger, and reveals what you will fight for. Mars also presides over your libido and your sexual style. Mars represents the great Warrior in each of us, and so it has dominance over those things that get us going and force us to take action. If you are active, strong, courageous or willful, it is because of Mars' prominent placement in your birth chart.

Key ideas associated with Mars: Initiative, physical energy, strength, stamina and drive, assertiveness, aggression, anger, temper, force, competitive tendencies, belligerence, impatience, accidents, instincts, motivations, sexual style, libido, action, courage, bravery, athletic ability, personal drive and ambition. Mar is also associated with inflammation, explosion, attack, and war. Mars represents young men, upstarts, brave people, combatants, aggressors of all kinds, enemies, self-motivated individuals, athletes, and pioneers.

The Transiting Mars: The transit of Mars to any area of your chart triggers new activity in that area, it can cause an inflammation and resurgence of old problems, possibly producing fighting or aggression, or it can stimulate the impulses and stir up lust or desire. The transiting Mars provides courage and bravery where there wasn't any, adds fire and passion to stagnant areas, and imbues us with the will power and competitive attitude we need to try new things and venture into uncharted territory. Mars is known as the trigger, because when it passes over any sensitive planet or point in a chart, it starts up new movement, or sets off activity that is long overdue.

Ruler of the Sign: Aries
Once known as the Ruler of: Scorpio
Ruler of the natural: 1st House
Once known as Ruler of the natural: 8th House
Time in each Sign: 6-8 weeks
Time to travel through all the Signs: About 20 months
Retrograde cycle: About once every 2 years [for 8 weeks]