Mercury in your birth chart reveals the way you communicate with others and how you interact with your environment intellectually and socially. It is a planet that helps to form your individual personality. The sign and house placement of your natal Mercury describes the way you focus your mind, what stimulates you to learn and what you like to learn about. Mercury is the gatherer of all information, and as the messenger, it is the disseminator of everything that you know. Mercury represents the way you talk, the way you think, how you connect with others, and develop your own personal point of view.

Key ideas associated with Mercury: Mercury is associated with thoughts, ideas, writing, talking, messages, information, logic and reasoning, all forms of connection, social and physical, transportation, machinery, wit, learning abilities, mental agility, tricks and practical jokes. Mercury represents brothers and sisters, neighbors, messengers, municipal workers and teachers.

The Transiting Mercury: Brings information and important messages to whatever area of your chart it visits. It heightens the intellectual capacity and makes things busier than usual. Where Mercury is, there is a great deal of activity, machines are humming, people are buzzing. You are more prone to say what you think, think about what you're doing, and communicate your viewpoint any which way you can while Mercury is around. If Mercury is retrograding, you have a chance to go back over an experience you've just been through, and redefine it's meaning, redirect your thoughts, or just plain do it over.

Ruler of the Sign: Gemini
Commonly thought to be Ruler of: Virgo
Ruler of the natural: 3rd House
Commonly thought to be Ruler of natural: 6th House
Time in each Sign: About 20 days [at fastest speed] About 60 days when retrograde
Time to travel through all the Signs: About 1 year — Mercury can never be more than 28 degrees from the Sun in any birth chart.
Retrograde cycle: Every 4 months [for 3 weeks]