Venus in your birth chart describes what you love, who you love, your romantic nature and your disposition toward your Self. The sign and house placement of Venus describes the way you express your love to others, and the kind of atmosphere you prefer to encourage the expression of your romantic feelings. Venus rules money matters as well as Love, and so its placement in your chart describes your approach to financial affairs and material possessions in addition to concerns of the heart.

Key ideas associated with Venus: Affection, relationships, romance, falling in love, social skills, diplomacy, tact, cooperation compassion, beauty, attractiveness, kindness, devotion, harmony, the pursuit of peace, diplomacy, personal values, gifts, possessions, sharing, sensory pleasure, attachment, personal taste, money, accumulation, and appreciation. Venus can represent women in your life who are peers, models, judges, financial consultants, anything beautiful or valuable to you.

The Transiting Venus: Brings the pursuit of pleasure and romantic activity into your life through the area it visits. Where Venus is, things are happier, more beautiful, and the senses are heightened. Its presence is good for material matters, because the value of anything increases with Venus around. Venus's transit is also quite positive for legal matters and for peaceful or harmonious conclusions to any matter.

Ruler of the Signs: Taurus and Libra
Ruler of the natural: 2nd and 7th Houses
Time in each Sign: About 30-40 days [at fastest speed] About 80 days when retrograde
Time to travel through all the Signs: About 14 months
Retrograde cycle: Every 18 months or so [for 40 days]