Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic, and its placement in your chart reveals the area of your life where you are most fortunate, where opportunity to explore Life at the educational, religious, cultural and spiritual levels exists. Where Jupiter is there is abundance, growth and plenty of Wisdom available. Jupiter's focus is social, in that its energies are absorbed through our understanding of our relevance to others, (or of others to our Selves), and this awareness produces a "Truth" that becomes essential to us and guides us throughout our lives.

Key ideas associated with Jupiter: Generosity, abundance, good luck, opportunity, expansion, prosperity. Faith, spirituality, consciousness, guidance, higher power, and religious pursuits. Positivity, optimism, personal growth, cheerfulness, benevolence gratitude and hope. Excess, overdoing anything, laziness, resting on laurels, overshooting the mark. Expansion, personal growth, morality, protection by higher forces, freedom, truth, wisdom. Higher education, cultural laws and systems (educational, legal, religious, etc.), Travel abroad.

The Transiting Jupiter: The transiting Jupiter opens doors of opportunity that weren't there before. It expands one's experience of the house it is traveling through, and brings good fortune and positivity to any experience it is a part of. Jupiter brings people into the life that can help, expand, teach, and guide you. It makes things bigger and better, happier and more meaningful. Jupiter represents such people as benefactors, teachers, guides, lawyers, religious figures, mentors, big, jolly folks, Santa-type people in your life, people with a larger than life presence, wise counselors, lawyers, religious figures, and gurus.

Ruler of the Sign: Sagittarius
Originally thought to be Ruler of: Pisces
Ruler of the natural: 9th House
Originally thought to rule the natural: 12th House
Time in each Sign: About 11 months
Time to travel through all the Signs: About 12 years
Retrograde cycle: Once a year [for 4 months]