Neptune in your birth chart reveals where you tend to be the most idealistic and romantic about your life. Where Neptune is there is a certain level of cloudiness and confusion that eventually leads to crystal clear understanding and Enlightenment. When it is dark, you must shine a light in order to know where you are. Neptune functions as a great dissolving force, much like the steady rhythm of the waves upon the shore, changing the form of your reality into something that you can Realize is your own creation. Neptune teaches us that we are all One in the darkness, and that the Reality we know is the Reality we project onto our world. When we know this, we can truly call ourselves Enlightened.

Key ideas associated with Neptune: Universal Oneness, Bliss, Trust, Faith, mysticism, unconditional love, surrender, compassion, idealism, sensitivity, meditation, retreat, Collective Consciousness, Divine Love, Spirituality, ESP, psychic capacities, visionary, subtle reality, hypnosis, daydreaming, fog, confusion, cloudiness, escapism of all kinds, sleep, illusion, delusion, deception. Neptune rules people such as mystics, psychics, angels, those who deceive us, hidden enemies, those who lurk in the darkness, drug addicts, alcoholics, enlightened souls, and gurus.

The Transiting Neptune: When Neptune transits a particular area of your chart, it feels as though you have stepped into a dark tunnel or long passage, and you have the experience of losing sight of what you once called reality. You feel utterly alone and must rely on your Faith in the Higher Forces and in your Self to make it through the passage to the other side. When eventually you see the Light at the end of the tunnel, and you step out into a new reality on the other side, you should realize that you are projecting that reality onto the world. This is the true meaning of Enlightenment. That Reality is an individual choice, made by our own consciousness to express our individuality. If we accept the truth of this notion, we create a reality that is compassionate and loving, and which considers the oneness of all human beings who coexist on the planet. In an unenlightened state, Neptune's transit brings the inner urge to escape, and addictions or overwhelming sleepiness can take over. Sometimes you pick up and move to a new country in an effort to escape your life situation. Some end up in prison or in exile. In either case, the overall experience is the same: you eventually realize that you are the sole creator of your reality. The Neptune transit is slow, taking about a decade to move through a house.

Ruler of the Sign: Pisces
Ruler of the natural: 12th House
Time in each Sign: 12-14 years
Time to travel through all the Signs: 165 years
Retrograde cycle: Once a year [for 5 months]