Uranus in your birth chart reveals the place where you have originality, foresight, and a touch of creative genius. The more prominent Uranus is in your birth chart, the more brilliant your capacity to think outside the box, Uranus is the first planet that connects us with our own Higher Consciousness, and an awareness of its presence in our lives produces the will to step onto the cosmic path. Uranus brings flashes of intuitive foresight, all kinds of psychic awareness, and there is always an element of the future, lying dormant where Uranus is in your chart. Uranian energy is not often recognizable or understood when you are young, and so there is a tendency for it to be repressed, or even squelched, to the point of near non-existence. Still, the opportunity comes repeatedly, seemingly out of the blue, that offers the chance to reawaken that original creativity in you, and if you heed the call, you discover a whole new frontier for the exploration of your consciousness.

Key ideas associated with Uranus: Awakening, sudden change, revelation, flashes of intuition, lightning bolts, electricity, the unexpected, windfall, sudden setbacks, innovation, invention, originality, creative genius, personal freedom, eccentricity, rebellion, revolution, the unpredictable, the unexpected, events from out of the blue, technology, advancement into the future, astrology, scientific approach, the future; Eccentricity, bohemianism, oddity, impersonal emotion, strangeness, the unusual, the unique, the impersonal, Freedom, Revolution, Disruption, Shock, Upheaval, Humanistic concerns. Uranus represents the outsider, the underdog, the genius, the scientist, inventors, original thinkers, psychics, astrologers, technological experts, computer geeks, humanitarians, revolutionaries, rebels, the stranger, and aliens.

The Transiting Uranus: When Uranus transits an area of your chart, something unusual, unexpected and sudden will take place that is designed by the Cosmos to knock you off your feet and get you to see that part of your life from a different angle. Uranus is a Universal force, meaning it is completely outside of our power to control its energies. It brings events that can free us of oppressive circumstances, and will always produce the need to come up with a solution that is outside the box. Uranus' energies, though sudden and sweeping, actually take about a year to manifest themselves completely into your life experience.

Ruler of the Sign: Aquarius
Ruler of the natural: 11th House
Time in each Sign: 7 years
Time to travel through all the Signs: 84 years
Retrograde cycle: Once a year [for 5 months]