Mental Wisdom

5 o’clock

Main Purpose:  Where you allow Love and only Love to motivate everything you do.



May 20 – June 19



Gemini is the sign of Conscious Wisdom, where the experience of loving with the mind becomes reality, and the integrated mind/heart can be realized. This is the part of your energy field that completes the experience of the mental body, the higher consciousness, and resonates with the yellow wisdom flame of the tri-fold heart chakra. Each year the journey through this sign  delivers you to  your core,  the nadir of the birth chart, where you experience the mechanism of your emotional body. The awareness of the mind and the heart are ever present here.  It is essential to become conscious of what motivates your thoughts here, and actively work to express your higher consciousness instead of your lower mind. When you consciously detach from habitual fear-based reactions you discover the power of expressing your true Self. In Cosmic Astrology the Twins become the Diamond. That is, the perception that was based on duality in the lower mind becomes the multifaceted brilliance of the diamond (die-mind) in 5D.


Gemini is the 5 o’clock hour on the cosmic clock, which corresponds to the 4th house of the birth chart. The 4th house represents your root system, the motivational forces that move you to become all that you become in the world. The core of any motive is belief, and what is belief but a thought backed up by an emotion? This Gemini hour is where you truly can experience the power of the mind/heart balance in a realized way. Wisdom is always the result of coming from a consciously integrated mind and heart.


Wherever Gemini is in your birth chart you must work to resolve any imbalances in the mind, heart, body and spirit as they arise by consciously bringing in more heart based energy. When this balance is achieved, the throat chakra activates and becomes the focus for speaking your Truth. The discovery of expressing your authentic Self follows. If your Sun sign is Gemini you have chosen this lifetime to transcend the duality of thought and emotion, first by experiencing each in all their intensity, and then by utilizing your great capacity for understanding duality to transcend it. In your lifetime you have the opportunity to communicate your Truth and help lead others out of duality consciousness.




Famous Gemini


John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Marilyn Monroe, Helena Bonham Carter, Igor Stravinsky, Miles Davis, Che Guavara, Henry Kissinger, William Butler Yeats, Jacques-Yves Costeau, Prince, Donald Trump, Venus Williams, Johnny Depp, Cole Porter, Derek O’Neill

Most comfortable with: Libra, Aquarius, Aries, and Leo
Least comfortable with: Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Capricorn
Most Attracted to: Sagittarius
Least Attracted to: Taurus

Famous Gemini People: John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Marilyn Monroe, Michael J. Fox, Jeffrey Dahmer, Judy Garland, Steffi Graf, Henry Kissinger, Prince, Donald Trump, Venus Williams, Brian Wilson