Physical Wisdom

11 o’clock

Main Purpose:  Where you resolve the habits that keep you from evolving.



November 21 – December 22



In Cosmic Astrology Sagittarius is the sign of Highest Victory. Here the higher Self triumphs over the lower self. That sounds glorious, but the reality is much starker. When we reach the 11th hour we are asked to deal with all the physical evidence that our fears and other misqualified reactions have brought forth in our lives during the course of the year. This is the final aspect of consciousness in our energy field, after which we spiral up to the next go around. Hopefully we spiral up, but we can only do so if we have successfully cleared the issues that prevent the expression of the higher Self.  Surrender is pre-requisite here. This is the sign of Physical Wisdom, which implies that we have literally been around the block a time or two and we know just what to do here. Face the devil and fisnish the game… the ego’s game that is. Here the archer becomes the Truth–Seeker, moving from shooting in the dark to knowing exactly what the target is.  Sagittarius has always been a sign of consciousness, and here that reality is put to task.


Sagittarius is the 11 o’clock hour, corresponding to the 10th house in the birth chart. Triumph over the physical world you have created with your belief system yields  the understanding that by aligning with your higher Self you can create an entirely different reality. This speaks very directly to the ultimate 10th house goal. This sign features the ending of one cycle and the inevitable beginning of a new one. It is here that your diligence can get you to the bridge that provides access  to the spiral upward instead of going around the circle again.


Wherever Sagittarius is in your birth chart ,old habits  are experienced over and over again until they can be triumphed over. The adventurous archer, shooting arrows at various targets, looking for something True, becomes the dedicated truth-seeker, who has realized  the limitations of habitual behavior and consciously moves beyond it into the new frontier. .  When we realize we have not surrendered to our higher purpose we have no choice but to get ourselves there. If your Sun sign is Sagittarius you have chosen to spend this lifetime cleaning up your act and getting yourself to higher ground. You may even manage to spiral up off the wheel all together.



Famous Sagittarians


Jane Austin, C.S. Lewis, Brad Pitt, Mark Twain, Woody Allen, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jane Fonda, L.V. Beethovan, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Jim Morrison, Steven Spielberg, Nostradamus, Sri Sathya Sai Baba